Wally to the Rescue

Wally returns for the final battle in The Beetle King

The Beetle King is my parody with footage from Cartoon Network's Codename: Kids Next Door & audio from Disney's Lion King.



Wally = Simba

Kuki = Nala

Nigel = Timon

Hoagie = Pumbaa

Abby = Rafiki

Mr. Beetles = Mufasa

Mrs. Beetles = Sarabi

Mrs. Sanban = Sarafina

  • Matt (see Operation: ZERO) = Zazu
  • Toiletnator = Scar (the Toiletnator is Wally's uncle)
  • Delightful Children = Hyenas

Rachel = Timon's Ma

Harvey = Uncle Max

Sonya = Kiara

Lee = Kovu

Fanny = Zira

Patton = Nuka

Katie (see Operation: UTOPIA) = Vitani DON'T MAKE ANY CHANGES! I'LL BE CHECKING!

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