• Mama Bear as Sailor Moon
  • Gran as Sailor Mars
  • Lizzy as Sailor Jupiter
  • Mrs. Ben as Sailor Mercury
  • Anna McBear as Sailor Venus
  • Papa Bear as Tuxedo Mask
  • Farner Ben as Andrew
  • Gordon as Dad
  • Lady Hatt as Mom
  • Sister Bear as Sailor Mini-Moon
  • Bonnie Brown as Molly
  • Queenie McBear as Queen Beryl
  • Too Tall as Nephlite
  • Smirk as Zoicite
  • Skuzz as Jedite
  • Honey Bear as Luna
  • Brother Bear as Artemis
  • Cousin Fred as Joe
  • Officer Marguerite as Sailor Pluto
  • Millie McBear as Sailor Uranus
  • Flora as Sailor Neptune
  • Henrietta as Sailor Saturn
  • Professor Actual Factual as Greg
  • Milton Chubb as Melvin
  • Kipper as Sammy

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