The Best of Davey Moore's Episodes is a fan fiction UK/US/Australian/New Zealand DVD idea by ESF1995. It features six Season 17 episodes, seven Season 18 episodes, five Season 19 episodes and twenty Comic Shorts.


  • Calm Down Caitlin
  • Luke's New Friend
  • The Switch
  • Not Now, Charlie!
  • The Lost Puff
  • Percy's Lucky Day
  • Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger
  • No Steam Without Coal
  • Toad's Bright Idea
  • The Perfect Gift
  • Duncan the Humbug
  • Samson At Your Service
  • Timothy and the Rainbow Truck
  • The Truth About Toby
  • Henry Spots Trouble
  • Den and Dart
  • Rocky Rescue
  • Reds Vs Blues

Comic Shorts

  • Thomas Goes to New York
  • Thomas In the Sahara!
  • Thomas Visits Pompeii
  • Thomas Crosses Australia
  • Thomas Meets Marshall in the Canadian Rockies
  • Thomas and the Cheeky Chimpanzees in Kenya
  • Thomas' Kangaroo Adventure In Australia
  • Thomas Gets an Elephant Washdown "Sri Lankan Style"
  • Thomas Travels to Japan
  • Thomas Makes Scary Faces in New Zealand
  • Thomas Thinks Bamboo is Really Useful
  • Thomas is the Star of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival
  • Thomas Attends a Greek Wedding
  • Thomas and The Day of The Dead in Mexico City
  • Thomas Dresses Up for The Black Beauty Contest in India
  • Thomas Joins a Tomato Fight in Spain
  • Thomas Runs into Trouble in the Monument Valley
  • Thomas Sees the Northern Lights in Alaska
  • Thomas Meets an Artist in Paris
  • Thomas Celebrates the Chinese New Year


  • Narrated by Mark Moraghan
  • Released by: Hit Entertainment (UK), Universal Home Entertainment (US) and ABC for Kids (Australia and New Zealand).

DVD artwork

Front Cover

  • Thomas, Settebello, The Australian Engine, Marshall, the two Japanese Engines, Rajinda, Abiar, Coran Marshall and Yen.

Back Cover

  • Percy and Reg from "The Perfect Gift"
  • Charlie from "Not Now, Charlie!"
  • Duncan and Rusty from "Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger"

Cover Colour

  • Teal

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