The Best of Favourite Friends is a VHS in 1997 From NCH 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, This Features Pigeon Street, Rupert the Bear (x2), The Adventures Of Parsley, Paddington Bear, Captain Pugwash, Stoppit And Tidyup (x2), Ivor The Engine, Charlie Brown And Snoopy, The Family Ness (x2), Bagpuss, Postman Pat (x2), Camberwick Green, The Magic Rounadbout (x2), Spider & Bertha


  1. Pigeon Street - Pigeon Post
  2. Stoppit and Tidyup - Say Please and Say Thank You
  3. Rupert and the Magic Ball
  4. The Adventures Of Parsley - Ugh Day
  5. Ivor the Engine - Time's Out
  6. Rupet and the Flying Cat
  7. Camberwick Green - Mrs Honeyman and Her Baby
  8. Postman Pat - Takes Flight
  9. The Magic Roundabout - Vote for Dougal
  10. Bagpuss - The Mouse Mill
  11. Captain Pugwash - The Plank
  12. The Family-Ness - Elspeth and Angus Meet the Loch Ness Monster
  13. Bertha - The Mouse in the Works
  14. Spider - Classroom Distractions
  15. Stoppit and Tidyup - Calm Down
  16. Paddington Bear - A Visit to the Hospital
  17. The Magic Roundabout - Rustlers
  18. The Family-Ness - You'll Never Find a Nessie in a Zoo
  19. The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show - Sally at School
  20. Postman Pat - The Beast of Greendale


  • David Yates
  • Queensgate Prods Ltd
  • Express Newspapers
  • FilmFair London Presentations
  • SmallFilms
  • Gordon Murray
  • Woodland Animations
  • Danot Enterprises
  • John Ryan
  • Maddocks Cartoon Productions
  • Hibbert Ralph
  • United Feature Syndicate

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