The Best of Paxton is a UK/US/Danish DVD idea featuring four seventeenth season episodes and one eighteenth episode. Both versions came with the DVD "Blue Mountain Mystery".


  1. Gordon Runs Dry
  2. Wayward Winston
  3. The Lost Puff
  4. The Missing Christmas Decorations 
  5. Disappearing Diesels

Bonus DVD

  • Blue Mountain Mystery


  • Narrated by Mark Moraghan in the UK/US and Lars Mikkelson in Denmark.
  • Distributed by Hit Entertainment for the UK and Universal Studios Home Entertainment in the US.


  • The back cover shows a picture from Fiery Flynn, but that episode does not appear on this DVD.

DVD Artwork

Front Cover

  • Paxton

Back Cover

  • Paxton and Gordon from "Gordon Runs Dry"
  • Paxton, Diesel and Norman from "Fiery Flynn"
  • Paxton, Sidney, Den and Dart from "Disappearing Diesels"

Cover Color

  • White

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