This is BiggestThomasFan's version of the UK version of The Best of Percy. Like the original version of this DVD, it has 20 episodes from Seasons 1 to 15, but some of the episode choices are different. And the ones that weren't on the original will have an explanation on why they are there.


  1. Percy Runs Away
  2. Ghost Train
  3. Percy and Harold
  4. A Scarf for Percy
  5. Percy's Promise
  6. Mind That Bike (Percy's episode from the 4th season wasn't included on the original, and I think it would be a good choice for it)
  7. A Surprise for Percy (There should have been at least one episode from the 5th season on this release)
  8. Percy's Chocolate Crunch
  9. Percy Gets It Right (I thought it would be another good choice for this release)
  10. Percy's New Whistle
  11. Percy's Big Mistake
  12. Percy and the Oil Painting
  13. Percy and the Funfair
  14. Percy and the Left Luggage
  15. Percy and the Bandstand
  16. Best Friends (It might have focused more on Thomas, but it was a nice episode involving Thomas and Percy's friendship)
  17. Percy's Parcel
  18. Being Percy
  19. Percy the Snowman
  20. Percy's New Friends

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