The Best of Stepney is a fan-made Thomas and Friends UK/US/Australian DVD idea made by BiggestThomasFan. It features four Season 4 episodes and one Season 5 episode. The US release also has an additional episode from Season 12.


  1. Rusty to the Rescue
  2. Thomas and Stepney
  3. Train Stops Play
  4. Bowled Out
  5. Stepney Gets Lost
  6. Rosie's Carnival Special (US release only)


  • Narrated by Michael Angelis in the UK and Australia and Michael Brandon in the US.
  • Distributed by Hit Entertainment in the UK, Universal Studios Home Entertainment in the US and ABC for Kids in Australia.

DVD Artwork

Front Cover

  • Stepney from "Rusty to the Rescue"

Back Cover

  • Stepney and Rusty crossing the bridge from "Rusty to the Rescue" (UK and Australian releases only)
  • Stepney with Percy, Thomas and Toby from "Train Stops Play"
  • Stepney, Arry and Bert from "Stepney Gets Lost"
  • Stepney covered in pink sugar from "Rosie's Carnival Special" (US release only)

Cover Color

  • Yellow

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