Picture Segment Description Source
Song from The Muppet Show Witch Doctor with Marvin Suggs and his Muppaphone Episode 304: Gilda Radner
Film from Sesame Street Kid jungle explorers find a wild letter C Episode 3590
Sketch from The Muppet Show Muppet Labs: Elevator Shoes Episode 301: Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge
Cartoon from Sesame Street Leaves form R and r  Episode 3110
Sketch from The Muppet Show Pigs in Space: Outlines Episode 307: Alice Cooper
Film from Sesame Street Milo Counting: 7  Episode 3595
Sketch from The Muppet Show The Swedish Chef: Chocolate Moose Episode 220: Petula Clark
Cartoon from Sesame Street I've got some (hair), I've got more, but I've got the most.  Episode 0915
Sketch from The Muppet Show Kermit meets Mickey Moose and Ronald Duck Episode 220: Petula Clark
Bert plays Checkers
Muppets from Sesame Street Ernie and Bert: Bert teaches Bernice how to play checkers  Episode 1227
318 gonzo and kermit
Sketch from The Muppet Show Gonzo practices fainting for Camilla Episode 318: Leslie Uggams
Insert from Sesame Street The floating kids form a triangle. Episode 3122
318 camilla's dressing room
Sketch from The Muppet Show Gonzo visits Camilla's dressing room Episode 318: Leslie Uggams
Muppets from Sesame Street Elmo's World: Pets Episode 3918
Song from The Muppet Show Memory Lane with Gonzo and Rowlf Episode 219: Peter Sellers

Volume notesEdit

  • During the scene of Gonzo practicing his faint for Camilla, This sequence is shortened to remove Leslie Uggams, who appeared on-screen during this scene like in It's the Muppets!: Meet the Muppets! and the ending of Gonzo visiting Camilla's dressing when Gonzo opens the door and Camilla sneezing out of her room and landing in Muppet Labs was edited out which was also like in It's the Muppets!: Meet the Muppets! because there was already a Muppet Labs sketch a few minutes ago.
  • Even though the Pigs in Space sketch is from the third season, the intro used in season two sketches is included like in the It's The Muppets volumes.