Solving Problems is an upcoming UK DVD release with 9 episodes


  1. Thomas and Friends - Jumping Jobi Wood
  2. Pingu - Pingu Gets Lost
  3. Waybuloo - Enough
  4. Chuggington - Koko and the Tunnel
  5. Timmy Time - Timmy the Builder
  6. Bob the Builder - Skateboard Spud
  7. Fireman Sam - Rich and Famous
  8. Peppa Pig - Hiccups
  9. Postman Pat - Pat Goes Sledging


  • Thomas episode narrated by Michael Angelis
  • This DVD will be released in 20th January 2017 by Abbey Home Media

Front Cover

  • Thomas, Pingu, Lau Lau, Wilson, Timmy, Bob, Sam, Peppa and Pat in the woods.

Back Cover

  • Edward on Shake Shake Bridge from "Jumping Jobi Wood"
  • Pingu inside a cave from "Pingu Gets Lost"

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