The Best of the Logging Locos

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The Best of Logging Locos is fan-fiction UK Thomas DVD. It features three Season 14 episodes, six Season 15 episodes and two Season 16 episodes narrated by Michael Angelis.


  1. Thomas' Crazy Day
  2. Jumping Jobi Wood!
  3. Merry Misty Island
  4. Gordon & Ferdinand
  5. Toby & Bash
  6. Emily & Dash
  7. Happy Hiro
  8. Let It Snow
  9. Stop That Bus!
  10. Ol' Wheezy Wobbles
  11. The Christmas Tree Express


  • Narrated by Michael Angelis.
  • This "Best of" DVD has 10 episodes instead of 20.


  • Happy Hiro and Stop That Bus! are featured, but the Logging Locos only play a minor role.

DVD Artwork

Front Cover

  • Bash, Dash & Ferdinand

Back Cover

  • Bash from "Toby & Bash"
  • Dash from "Emily & Dash"
  • Ferdinand from "Merry Misty Island"

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