The Big Cheese is an episode from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and is the 48th episode and is in season four.


Cheese keeps showing up at the house, despite being told numerous times that he doesn't live there and that Foster's is to be on TV too, where it has everyone trying to get the house clean.

Mr. Herrimen starts to get sick of Cheese and decides to install a security system with a random code, which he doesn't look at it when he inputs the code, choosing it at random.

However, when he attempts to input the code again, he doesn't know it and now everyone is locked out of the house with no knowledge of what the code is.

Although soon, they all realize that Cheese knows the code and frantically try and chase him down to get the code out of him, but with no luck until Goo comes along to help out.

Through an ellaborate dance and destruction of the house, she manages to get the code out of Cheese with the help of the other friends who copy Cheese and his dance.

Although, in the end, they end up on TV where Frankie decides to play the sympothy card and manage to get the house repaired with the help of charity. Frankie also installs a new security system with a code she knows, and arms the system, though, Cheese comes back and seems to know the code by inputting it and unarming the system, managing to get into the house.

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