Perhaps the best known expression of Mario's innate modesty and humility is his oft-used declaration that "...I don't wanna come across as The Big I Am". Now read on...

Mario always eats his green eggs and ham, even if he's with a goat in a boat, or a fox in a box. He doesn't tell anyone though, as he doesn't want to come across as The Big Sam I Am.

contributed by wiggywoo

Marios head is made of angles. Some of which are almost 87 degrees. (some)

contributed by wiggywoo

Indeed, wiggywoo, one of my favorite C20 revolutionary sculptors, the great constructivist Naum Gabo, made many sculptures of Mario's all-angley head, among the best known being...


Mario persuaded Naum to keep his role as artist's model under wraps though, because ... (like Naum's 'Linear Construction in Space' series) ... he didn't want to come over The Big I'm Angular.

contributed by dalinian61

Billy bear sausage is set to be changed into Mario's face sausage. Sales will surge I tell you! Mario doesn't like to brag about it, he doesn't want to come across The Big I Ham.

contributed by coolgirl

Mario was once a stunt double for Pamela Anderson in Baywatch. There really is no end to the man's talents. He keeps quiet about his Baywatch involvement, however, as he doesn't want to come across as The Beach Guy Pam.

He still has her number on his speed dial, of course.

contributed by flippo

It was Mario that schooled Captain Scarlet in how to be indestructible, but he let the Mysterons take the credit, because he didn't want to come across as the The Big "I Am The Voice Of The Mysterons".

contributed by dalinian61

Mario designed most of the clothing throughout the 70's for Slade and Sweet but didn't tell anybody because he didn't want to come across as The Big I'm Glam.

Somebody stop me!!

contributed by BBTweets

After a night out with Mario, Toni Basil penned the following lyrics 'hey Mario, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Mario' but he didn't want to come across as The Big I Am so he asked her to dedicate it to one of his blind friends instead.

contributed by Sapphoxxx

Another of the feats Mario asked the editors to omit from the Guinness World Records book was his construction of a 1:16 scale model of the Empire State Building made entirely out of cans of chopped pork luncheon meat, because ... (let's all do the chorus together) ... he didn't wanna come across as The Big High Spam.

contributed by dalinian61

Marion is the most prolific sender of junk e-mail in the world, but he never tells people because he doesn't want to come across as The Big I Spam.

contributed by Stentionhouse

Mario does not exist and in infact a technological contruct. However he does not want to talk about it in case he comes across as The Big Hologram.

contributed by Sniffle774

When Pamela Anderson heard Mario was in the BB UK house, she wanted to enter the house just so she could meet him. Mario said no, though, so Pamela had to console herself with entering the BB Australia house instead.

Why did Mario say no? Because he didn't want to come over as The Big I Pam, of course.

contributed by Carrierbag Head

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