The Biggest Ever Sesame Street Video! is a Tempo Video: Children's Stories VHS with 8 episodes.


A Prince of a Frog

A princess cannot meet her prince until she kisses a frog.

Sesame Street-o-Saurus

Chris helps Grover, Elmo, and Rostia build a dinosaur model.

Zoe Loves Rocco

Zoe's pet Rocco disappears while Elmo is supposed watching him.

The A Team

Big A looks for members to join his A Team.

Max the Magician

Everyone is excited to see some real magic where Max the Magician visits.

The Camouflage Challenge

Elmo and Rosita look for six things that are camouflaged so they can become members of Carla's Camouflage Club.

Fairy Tale Science Fair

Fairy tale characters solve problems with science.

Abby Thinks Oscar is a Prince

Abby believes a kiss will turn Oscar the Grouch in Prince Oscar.

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