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Homer-Mr. Nosey (Mr. Men), Buddy, Beaker, Grover, William, Mr. Noisy, Patty, Oscar, Zoot, Mr. Tickle, Big Bird

Marge-John McCain, Mumford, Buddy, Bitty, Timothy, Newsman, Jill, Hillary, Hector, Agent P, Howard, Mom

Bart-Squiggles, Happy Pee, Harry, Buddy, Elmo, Super Elmo, Bitty, Mr. Noisy, Mr. Greedy, Oscar, A B PIG

Lisa-Zoot, Older Candace, Floyd, Candace Driver, Isabella, Buddy, Bitty, Mr. Tall, Strong Mad, The Knight, Mom

Maggie-Mr. Grumpy, Older Candace, Janice, Kermit, Me, Candace Driver, Bitty, Patty, Timmy, William

Grandpa-Bitty, Manamana, Snowth, Abby, Mr. Tickle, Homsar, The King, Strong Bad v1, 13, Patty, Timothy, Mom

Mr. Burns-The Knight, Manamana, Mr. Grumble, Cartman V2, Buddy-Dapper, Mr Grumpy, Patty, Mom, Me, Zoot

Smithers-Fanboy, Chum Chum, Diesel, I, Cartman, Caillou or Poo, Alexander the Great, Heat Miser Minion, SMV1

Milhouse-Mr. Noisy, Bert, Grover, Kermit, Fozzie Bear, Hewy, HMM, Snow Miser V2, Mom, Tim, Hector, William

Colin-Barry, SpongeBob, Patrick, Mom, Timmy, Patty, Snowths, Manamana, Barry, Buddy, Zelda, Mr. Nosey, 13

Angry Mob-ALL

Cletus-Every Single Mr. Man or Little Miss

Kent Brockman/Skinner-Mr. Noisy and Muppets

Fun Facts

Sometimes, Candace Driver or Bitty would stand in for Homer.

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