The Black Cauldron (Jsrashad Style) Trailler/Transcript

  • Narrator: Legend has it there was once a king so cruel and so evil that the gods feared him since no prison can't hold him he was trap forever in a form of a great black cauldron
  • Mario: Mumm-Ra that black hearted devil
  • Narrator: Jsrashad Picture Preset The Black...Cauldron
  • (Thunder)
  • Narrator: Escape into a world of drakess
  • Robin: Are you coming
  • Beastboy: Me go in there oh no no no it a terrible place
  • (Dragon rora)
  • Narrator: A world of excitment
  • (Robin use the swond to borke the axe)
  • Narrator: a world of dream
  • Man: Robin the greatest warrior of all a ture hero
  • (Robin throwing swond at the chain)
  • Narrator: and rules the magicing of seven phostering and six trap golder sound you will be tranposter to a fansty infeast for the enitar family
  • Guido: look look sire it working
  • Mumm-Ra: Soon the black cauldron will be mine
  • Narrator: in the great treddit of jsrashad anmontrea classic now come the newest jsrashad spaculte them all the black...cauldron coming soon to thursday march 29

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