The Black Demon is a titan much like Sargeras, though he prefers to take the form of a black demon (much like what Illidan became) rather than his true form.

Early Life

Nothing is known of The Black Demon other than that he was cast out by the titans for unknown reasons. His involvement with Derear is also a mystery.

During his exile in the twisting nether, he built up a huge demon army, much like the burning legion.

The First Invasion

The demons first attempt to seize control was to manipulate an orc warcheif into invading the human land. The invasion collapsed on the eve of victory, when a paladin killed the warcheif, despite the involvement of two of his most trusted liutenants.

The Second Invasion

The Black Demon, convinced using the orcs was still a good idea, manipulated another warcheif 1000 years later. This time the orcs took control of Umoria and managed to construct the demon gate. Kol Thezar warped Umoria into his own personal citadel. Extensive work was made on the Demon gate to allow The Black demon and his immense magic onto th mortal plane without ripping it appart. After 10 years of work the gate was ready, but as the titan was about to arrive, the humans destroyed the gate and the citadel along with Kol Thezar.

The Third Invasion

The Black demon placed Kol's succsessor Anethron in charge of the next invasion. He managed to manipulate a group of wizards into making an undead legion. However the wizards were killed barely a month into the invasion. Anethron was executed.

The Fourth Invasion

The Black demon assigned the Eredar warlock Arctlolek and Pit Lord King Mahraharus to lead the next invasion. Arctloleks plan was to assault the World Tree on Derear. Mahraharus corrupted the orcs and possessed them. They built 4 dimensional gates on an abandoned island clse to the world tree. Arctlolek summoned millions of infernals, felhounds and doomguard to spearhead the assault on the world tree along with the chaos orcs. The dreadlords Ekrenomor , Tirondrion and Voneron were also summoned to lead different aspects of the invasion.

The entire demon army marched on the world tree, along with millions of undead warriors. Every mortal on Derear apposed them though. High Elf, Night Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Human all side by side to protect the world tree.

The battle went well and the demon army stormed up the mountain. However, halfway up, the possession of the orcs wore off, and the orcs attacked the demons. The alliance saw its opening and attacked. Mahraharus was killed by orcs he was supposed to be leading and each dreadlord fell as the alliance struck back. Nature joined in, swallowing demon into the ground and bogging them down in swamps. The trees moved and bottlenecked them. After a week of bitter fighting, only Arctlolek was left on the demons side. He was killed however by sustained attacks.

The Final Invasion

It was then that the black demon realised he could no longer rely on his liutenants. The demon took his soul from his body and placed it in a felhound. He used an ancient demon gate to travel to a long forgoten island in Derear. There he made his way to Belemondo where he took possesion of a villager. He used the vilager to travel to Umoria where he took possession of the king. There he constructed another demon gate to allow his body to get through. Along with his body came the full extent of thee demon Legion. Almost infinate amounts of doomguard, pit lord, dread lord, infernal, felhound came through to take control.

DemonLegion Organisation

  • The Black demon
    • Arctlolek (dead)
      • Mahraharus (dead)
        • Azlagore (sucseeded Mahraharus as King)
      • Kol Thezar (dead)
        • Anethron (dead)
          • Ekrenomor (dead)
          • Tirondrion (dead)
          • Voneron (dead)
        • Rage Frostchill (dead)

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