The Black Dragon Lords are an organization created by Terek Kenswell, an Infernal Exalted of the Meridian Caste and HQ's Darkside. They make their base in two places. Their main base is centered in Malfeas, in the demon city, but they have a satellite base in Creation, about twenty miles northeast of Mahalankan, a Silver Pact base run by Raksi, Queen of Fangs. Their enemy is Team Daiklave, consisting of Hurricane's Quill, Jean Kazuhiza, and BlackcatRin, but they also take interest in the feud between Drake Darkstar and Shade Blood.

Huntress J

Terek Kenswell's second-in-command, Huntress J is a Pokemon hunter who is ruthless with her work. Hurricane's Quill has a personal score to settle with this vile vixen: when he was young, she stole his Pokemon friend Athos, a Raichu. She was approached by Terek Kenswell after getting thoroughly ravaged by Roscoso after kidnapping Hinaten (Ross's adopted daughter), and later by Hurricane's Quill after she and Deled were both defeated during the Infiltration OVA.

J uses her two Pokemon, Drapion and Salamence, as her weapons.

Peleps Deled

A Water-Aspected Dragon-Blooded monk, Deled is an overbearing zealot (to the rest of Dragon-Blooded society, he views himself as the only true orthodox believer of the Immaculate faith) who is the Master of the Pinnacle of the Eye (basically, he's the man in charge) of the Wyld Hunt, the Immaculate Order's society of Anathema hunters. He takes a particular interest in the case of HQ, viewing him to be the most powerful Anathema to live, and therefore must die. He also is the one behind the branding of Sesus Sakina, declaring her a heretic.

He has no idea that Terek (who is possibly the real Anathema in this case) is an Infernal, and if he were to find out as much, it would mean a possible falling out that threatens the integrity of the team.


A scientist that studied demons for the Order of the Sword, Agnus was defeated twice in battle, once by Nero, and then killed by Dante...or so they thought. As it turned out, Agnus was found by Peleps Deled and Terek Kenswell, who kept him alive by giving him Malfean Essence. Angry and humiliated by Nero, whom he views as a foulmouthed brat, he will stop at nothing for vengeance.


A rogue ninja formerly of the Hidden Leaf Village, Orochimaru joined the ranks of the Black Dragon Lords, believing that if he could destroy Creation, the Yozis will grant him eternal life. It's fairly obvious that they won't follow through, but even if they don't, Orochimaru has a contigency plan ready: destroy the Yozis and Terek Kenswell at all costs.


A man who was an apprentice to Ansem the Wise, Xehanort was obsessed with seeking Kingdom Hearts. After breaking from Ansem the Wise, Xehanort dabbled a little too deep into the darkness, yet still sought Kingdom Hearts...only to be defeated by Sora. Now he's back, courtesy of Terek Kenswell, and he wants vengeance as much as Agmos.

Luke and Jan Valentine

A pair of artificial vampires, Luke and Jan Valentine were sent into Hellsing to massacre everyone inside, but failed when confronted by Alucard, Walter, and Seras. However, Luke and Jan were brought back by Terek Kenswell, and given a similar mission: take out the Author Fighters. Luke, however, stayed behind to plan the attack while Jan, Huntress J, and Deled went on ahead to finish the job. Jan managed to take out nearly 95% of the Silver Pact forces stationed there as security forces at the Author Fighters base, but was again defeated, this time by Hurricane's Quill and Alicia Melchiott. Now he wants to take out HQ more than anything.

Luke is the calm, collected of the two, while Jan is more wild and definitely more foulmouthed (especially compared to Nero).

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