1. "Prologue (aka The Racing Stadium)
  2. "Treetown"
  3. "Troy visits Trevor S."
  4. "1:00am"
  5. "Cole and The Sergeant Army Part 1"
  6. "Cole and The Sergeant Army Part 2"
  7. "Monster Mash!"
  8. "Five Teams Part 1"
  9. "Dark House"
  10. "Troy visits Team Strike"
  11. "Sergeant Army's Playing the Recess"
  12. "Ty visits McKay"
  13. "Cave"
  14. "Team Operation's House (aka Evan's House)
  15. "Half-minotaur's Front, Half-gorilla's Back"
  16. "Private Army visits Chloe"
  17. "Doctor Evan"
  18. "Speed Attack"
  19. "Five Teams Part 2"
  20. "Pvt. Demon visits Team Auto"
  21. "Pvt. Demon's Lair"
  22. "Team Five vs. Pvt. Demon's Army"
  23. "Team Five vs. Pvt. Demon"/"Pvt. Demon's death"
  24. "Happy Ending"/"Credits"

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