Out of the two major wars on the Lareusian continent, this was the more violent and more devastating. Every race became involved in different ways and it was the first and last time Garsosha took a stand on front lines to beat back their enemies.

The Motive

Nechetta clan Uk was small and desired to grow. They were situated on the southern end of the jungle now called the Akoan jungles. With just a small village but a strong population they pressed to the west, thinking no one would defend the desert.

Much to the contrary, a Garsosha council called Takalunah lived in the desert at the time and exercised a firm hold over it as territory for their magic experiments. However the Garsosha are known for their lack of front war battel tactics, and they called upon allies to beat back the Nechetta.

Several groups of Bunkarta were called upon to fight, and in a chain reaction the Dael became involved as the fight spread further to the west. As this neared the troll empire they too became involved to protect their lands from devastation.

While not warlike, the Bravasians were forced into battle to defend a major city at the time near the Thin Pass. Using intense formation and organization skills, they also began to breed soldiers for the purpose of war. The first six months of the war they were unable to do much, but then they started to produce armies every month and gained a hold in the battle. This resulted in more Garsosha councils coming to even out the balance.

The Selal and Akoa took interest soon for the sake of testing their power, soon as they joined the war exploded.

The First Strike

The Uk tribe ventured into the desert and set up four camps in a border formation to slowly press forward. Their current leader had sided with a tribe called Ko who were a standing super-power of Nechetta. Both agreed to help each other to expand territory, and the Ko stayed behind to protect their northern borders.

As they moved into the desert, Takalunah discovered this and called upon several Bunkarta allies who soon arrived through underground tunnels.

The first wave was a slaughter, the Bunkarta were big and strong, but relying on brute strength was no match to the militarized race of Nechetta. The Garsosha then called upon the Alu Aupuni (kingdom) of the Dael. In response the Ba’a’an were sent as warriors to the deserts to join the fight.

Both Garsosha and Dael were pushed back further to the west. At this point Bravasians began to take up arms and training to prepare just in case, but had not begun to reproduce rapidly as they soon would in the war.

The Trolls Arrive

Perhaps the turning moment to push the Uk back, was when they came too close to the troll empire. The trolls were quick to deploy an entire army to the field to assist the battle. At this point the Takalunah Garsosha took a stand and began to slaughter Nechetta with powerful magic.

The Nechetta feared magic, but the devastation the trolls brought drove them back much quicker. With advanced weaponry including ballistas armed with explosives, and weapons forged and engineered to trigger elemental magics bound to it. This was too much for them against such a powerful force. They tried to take some ground northward, destroying two of the four Bravasian cities in the area.

The trolls and Ba’a’an arrived at the third city before it could be overtaken to beat them back. This is month four, the Bravasians become indignant, and begin to prepare an armed force for offensive maneuvers by reproducing rapidly.

The tide changes

At the eigth month, the Ko clan pushes northward toward the jungles, trying to take ground that they are losing on the western front. This proves their worst move as they prompt the Akoa and Selal to arrive on the field.

The trolls maintain three brigades to assist pushing back the Nechetta and the rest return home. The Tukalunah is broken but still fights on the front lines, and the Ba’a’an are taking up joining with the Bravasians.

Two months later, the war receives new arrivals. The Akoa and Selal come from their jungle to defend Auinoa territory, this devastates the Ko who were not prepared for the unexpected resistance and did not have time to change their outposts for defense. Akoa becomes hidden after three battles and is thought to be beaten back now. Selal wipes out the Ko clan within two months.

Bravasians have now become a real power, with a massive army they throw numbers at the Uk clan in the desert battle. The Nechetta are being beaten back.


Just as the Uk seem to be beaten back, the Akoa reappear at the Thin Pass just north of the Bravasian major city. Three Nechetta clans (Na, Ap, and Tek) have also joined them somehow.

The city is burned to the ground before troops can return to defend it. In the north Bravasians continue to create their army, threatening the Nechetta tribes there and provoking them into offensive action. These battles occurr close to the Bunkarta capital Rogar, this calls their entire race to defend their home, now beating back the Nechetta in alliance with the Bravasians.

A Dael tribe (I’a) tries to exploit the underworld caves and strike from behind the lines. This prompts several others to do the same, and disturbs the Twisted and Garsosha who do not want this war. As such they join it, killing the Dael tribe and spreading to the surface to fight.

This is the only time in history the Twisted surface for war. As the underworld continues to see use for it’s tunnels, a Dael tribe siding with the Nechetta go underground to ensure no one goes through, prompting underground battles with Garsosha and the Twisted.

The entire of the main continent and underworld are now in the reigns of war

Akoan Legacy

This pushes the final line to make the Akoans the most feared tribe in Lareus. They wipe out two troll brigades without help of the Nechetta, and in a single battle. The Akoa tribe loses population though, bringing them down to four hundred or so tribe members from originally two thousand. This does not stop them, they wipe out the last of the Takalunah Garsosha that started this war without losing more then three men due to the weakened Councils state and unpreperation for runic enemies.

This has won the entire desert for the Uk, who turn on the Akoa in an attempt to take sole victory. As they seem to be winning against the super-warriors, the Selal allies of the Akoa are enraged. The Uk tribe is destroyed within two months by a battle in front and behind, against Akoa and powerful casters and assassins of Selal.

The desert is retaken

With the Akoa and Selal weakened by the war with Uk’s betrayal, the Bravasians seek to take back their cities. Pushing forward with very advanced tactics, the small race is able to utilize spears and shields effectively to push back the Akoa and Selal, who retreat quickly to their jungle lands, without care for the desert.

However the war still rages in the north, and the Nechetta there number in fifty two clans. The giant race of warriors beat back Bunkarta and for two months they will wage war against the capital city, but the Bravasians advanced defenses keep Rogar from falling.

The South returns to war

The underworld loses it’s southern chambers and pathways, the Twisted surface heavily and take down two Garsosha councils with ease. Unopposed by the only enemy they fear, Nechetta, they quickly spread westwards, attempting to destroy the Bunkarta and Dael tribes still recovering from the earlier battles.

Once again the continent is at war.

The Judgement

At long last, the Supreme Elementals take interest. This is the final point of the war. They call upon the rogue elementals known as Empire Elementals who still serve them, and empower them to be the enders of it all.

The fire Err’nal act as the most powerful hand of their wrath. Just behind the water elementals Sibal who act as diplomats, they come and utterly destroy anything that remains in battle. Their power shocks much of the world back into peace, as just small groups of them are able to burn entire armies within minutes.

To the north, it is the Ia’noa (sky elementals) that take charge of peacemaking. They use lightning abilities inherit to them to destroy the warring Nechetta, and a large chunk of the Bravasians to prevent over population.

The twisted make a last move and using their extrodinary abilities, manage to take the last southern Bravasian city, only to have it and themselves burned in a massive column of fire. The war is over, no one won.

The Aftermath

The empire elementals lose their judemental power and return to their normal lifestyles. The Bravasians seal themselves away on their new lands in the pennensuila and avoid the rest of the world. The many Dael tribes return to their respective homes to rebuild, as do the Bunkarta.

All but two Garsosha bloodlines that fought are now dead. The remaining two are Selal and Siek. Selal rebuilds their populace alongside the Akoa in the jungles, the Siek flee to the mountains near the troll empire to make a new home. They become a council bloodline for their survival, later selling out for power in case of another war.

The Akoa forsake their old ways of ever going to war to test themselves, and now stay in their kingdoms territory for the most part. They remain a legend for their defeat of the trolls, Bravasians, Nechetta, and Twisted. As a setback, their greatest teachers died, and several of their styles were lost with them, and so was one of the elder Selal, who never finished writing runes into a spellbook for future generations. This resulted in a massive loss of their power.

The troll empire lost a few thousand members, they are otherwise untouched, having not lost or gained any ground throughout the fight. They remain the world superpower.

Finally, the Twisted lose a massive amount of people, forcing them to rebuild over time, this is why they are so scarce now.

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