Narrator: What's Green?

Narrator: And Blue.

Narrator: And Pink.

Narrator: And Orange.

Narrator: And Yellow.

Narrator: And Red.

Narrator: With 52 Arms, 52 Legs, and 26 Heads.

Narrator: Part Frog, Pig, Bear, Dog, Cat, and Adult.

Narrator: They Sing, Dance, Laugh, Drive and They're Coming to Theaters.

Narrator: This Thanksgiving.

Woman: Are you Guys "Blue's Clues"?

Blue's Clues Guys: Yeah!

Man: Oat Blue.

Narrator: The Blue's Clues Movie.

Bat: TA-DAA!!!!!

Steve: (Banging 10 Seconds)

Steve: Ow! That Hurt.

Narrator: In 3D.

The First Teaser Trailer Shown Before The Adventures Of Tintin.

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