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The Blue Empire was the sucsessor of Blue Faction.


After the Fall and The Great Yodasist purge, Tom declared Blue Faction and the Yodasists gone, along with the war. Tom after dealing with the Yodasists, bringing peace and having a palace, couldn't go back to his secondary position in Blue Faction. He had to get rid of Blue Faction in order to be in charge. The Blue Empire was the result.


The Blue Empire consisted of Yodaville, which Tom split down into 5 districts:

These would each be governed by a Moff, who would answer to a Grand Moff, who would answer to The Emperor.

The first Moff's were:

The first Grand Moff was Harry.


The Blue Empire Army consisted of Clones, of the toughest of Tom's officials. These clones were issued with the protection of 666 Clone Street and the "Happy Camps".

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