Episode 1: The Dead Bounty

1. Boba Fett (Orignal) with Blaster

2. Darth Vader

3. Starkiller

4. Stormtrooper with Blaster

Sets: Slave 1 (2006) and Battle of Endor

Planets: Tatooine (Mos Eisley Cantina), Dagobah, and Hoth (Echo Base)

Music: Department of Boba Fett

Episode 2: The Wrath of a Mandalorian

1. Boba Fett (2010) with Starkiller's Red Lightsaber

2. Darth Vader with red Lightsaber

3. Starkiller

4. StormTrooper with Blaster

5. Emperor Palpatine

Sets: Battle of Endor

Planet: Tattoine (Mos Eisley)

Episode 3: The Interuption of Piece

1. Boba Fett (2010) with Custom Pistol Riffle

2. Dengar (2011)

3. Lobot (2002)

4. Shadow Trooper with Blaster

5. Rebel Trooper

Planet: Tatooine (Jundland Wastes and Mos Eisley), Corosaunt (Dexter's diner), and Death Star (Where Millenium Falcon Landed)

Vechicles: Cloud Car

Music: Asteroid Field

Episode 4: The Dead Trooper

1. Boba Fett (Orignal) with Ion Blaster Riffle

2. Lobot (2002) with Radio

3. Starkiller with Red Lightsaber

4. Star Corps Trooper

Planet: Tattoine and Bespin

Vechicles: Cloud Car

Music: Imperial march

Episode 5: The Hunted Hunts

1. Darth Vader with Red Lightsabers

2. R4-P17

3. Boba Fett (Orignal) with Blaster

4. Sandtrooper with Blaster

5. Starkiller

6. R4-P44

Planets: Hoth (Echo Base) and Tantive IV (Even though it's not a planet, it's a Blockade Runner)

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