At Knicks High School, a great book sale is happening in the BINGO ROOM. Everyone, even Alex, is very very excited that they can browse and buy their favorite books. Alex, noticing that he is a Senior at High School, sees that his favorite book Valley of the Dolls is on sale. It costs $16.99 (including tax).

When he gets home, he tries to get money out of his coin jar. He counts it and notices that he doesn't have enough money for the book. He manages to do housing services for a kind elder woman. He ends up getting $5 from her. Which is still not enough. He managed to raise money by doing these kinds of services (1) Babysitting, (2) Bake Sale, (3) Car Wash, and (4) Dog Walking Services.

Not raising enough money, Alex goes on a verge of stealing money. He does this to his parents and gets away with it. This is only because his conscience wants him to and the fact that no one will notice.

The next morning. The Book Fair is almost coming to a close. Waiting to go to the Book Fair, Alex, in Math class, realizes that he wants to go to the Book Fair at some point today. The Bingo Room is closed shut. However, the Book Fair won't come back until May. Alex donates some of his money to the Haiti victims donation. The bell rings, and

At lunch time, the students are getting their food. Gus (one of Alex's classmates) asks him for ice cream money, which Alex complies to. While the students eat, his friends (mainly Evelyn and Daniel) asks Alex where he got the money from. He claims that he saved a whole lot of it. They give him a curious and confused kind of look.

Gus complains to Asst Principal Staci that he has a whole bunch of money ($4.75). During Fifth, Alex is confronted by his mom, Evelyn and Daniel (his friends), and Asst. Principals Staci and Drent where he got the money from. Daniel asks where he got the money from. Alex says that his Aunt gave it to him. Staci asks Alex "Did you collect the money, or did your Aunt give you money?". Alex is anxious to give the answer. Alex runs out of the office and is chased by his friends Daniel and Evelyn.

When Evelyn and Daniel catch Alex, he fesses up to the former by saying "ALL RIGHT! I stole it from your purse. I wanted to be a teenager who focuses life after High School." On the verge of tears, he adds "I wanted to buy a book that is suitable for my age category." Asst Principal Staci tells Drent that it was his first defense, and that they should give him a chance. Drent sadly adds that it's true. He also says "Because you stole from your parents and lied about it to everyone, even your teachers, you will serve Snack and Lunch Detention for the next two days of school. You can go to the Senior BBQ and the Catalina Island Trip, but you have to serve detention if you want to participate in these two events."

Alex reluctantly agrees to serve detention, as an eager attempt to go to the Senior events. Alex also learns that crime doesn't pay. "Man, you can say it again!", Alex replies. A voice tells him the same thing, and crime doesn't pay. In the following days, he is alienated from the Friendship Crew of Daniel and Evelyn.

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