• Winnie the Pooh as Big Bird
  • Piglet as Elmo


Winnie the Pooh: Well I'm a tall, tall Texan
I'm talking tall, tall, tall
(He comes from Texas and he's really tall)
I change a light bulb easy
I play great basketball
(He's great at light bulbs and at basketball)
Even the longest long-johns
Are always way too small
(The longest long-johns always way too small)

Piglet: Piglet's a short, short Texan
He's talking real petite
(He comes from Texas and he's real petite)
Piglet has tripped my share of bad guys
So better watch your feet
(He trips up bad guys, better watch your feet)
(spoken) Not you, Pooh.
Even one tiny little meatball
Is way too big to eat
(One tiny meatball's way too big to eat)

Winnie the Pooh: Yeah, when I drop my toothpick
There's just one guy to call

Piglet: Ya call a short, short Texan
'Cause it's too low for y'all
And when Piglet need some boosting
To hop onto my horse

Winnie the Pooh: You call a tall, tall Texan
Like your buddy, of course

Piglet: (spoken) Of course! Hee-haw! (scatting) Yeah!

Winnie the Pooh: Well, I'm a tall, tall Texan
Hitting the dusty trail
(He's a tall Texan 'bout to hit the trail)

Piglet: Pooh. (coughing) Boy, it sure is dusty. Next to a short, short Texan
We stick together without fail
(They're gonna stick together without fail)

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet: We'd like to thank you folks for listening'
To this here short tall tale

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