258 Market Ave
Grand Forks, BC

Best Borscht in Town

For some reason, almost every tour I've done of the Kootenays in BC finds me in Grand Forks right aroung lunch time, either enroute to or from the gig. Smack dab in Doukhobor country, it is only logical to search amongst the abundance of "Best Borscht in Town" signs for the real deal. My advice is pass on the Grand Forks Hotel (currently beneath its former glory) and head down the street to the new home (apparently) of the Borscht Bowl.

Offering the unlikely mix of "Western Canadian, Russian and Mexican(!)" food, I have only sampled the Russian menu to date, including a very satisfying cabbage-based (not beet) borscht with (unfourtunately not home-baked) bread. Also had a tasty and not-too buttery vorenicki (a large perogie, not to be confused with the pyrahi, which is a baked dumpling). My bandmates sampled an incredible-looking (and tasting, as they told me) crepe-like construction the name of which escapes me. It was stuffed with cottage cheese and topped with sour cream and fruit jam. Nice.

All together a reasonable lunch (under $10) and filling enough to keep us strong for the rest of our 12-hour drive.

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