• Kenneth James Kitsom as Kirby
  • Dr. Marta Shearing as Tiff
  • Eric Buyer as King Dedede
  • CIA Deputy Director Pamela Landy as Lady Like
  • Terrence Ward as Escargonn
  • Mark Turso as Keeby
  • Dr. Donald Foite as Prince Fluff
  • LARX-03 as Meta Knight
  • Outcome 3 as Tokkori
  • Dr. Albert Hirsch as Sir Ebrum
  • Noah Vosen as Chef Kawasaki
  • CIA Director Ezra Kramer as Knuckle Joe
  • Dita as Princess Rona
  • Vendel as Tuff
  • Factory Owner as Bandana Dee
  • Dr. Connie Dowd as Sirica
  • Ray Wills as Magolor
  • Joseph as Galacta Knight
  • The Captain as Waddle Doo
  • Simon Ross as Rick the Hamster (archive footage)

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