The Brave Little Prouten

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Version 1

  • Victoria Prouten as Toaster
  • Thayne Prouten as Blanky
  • Bradley Prouten as Kirby
  • Anthony Roberts as Lampy
  • Zack Prouten as Radio
  • Ms. Frisen as Young Rob
  • Pop as Air Conditioner
  • Robbie Parker as Plugsy
  • Kyle Parker as Sewing Machine
  • Tia the Dog as The Evil Clown
  • Ian as Faucet
  • Flake the Bunny as Squirt
  • Kevin as Baby Robbie
  • Grace as Rob
  • Charlene Jacobson as Chris

Version 2

  • Victoria Prouten as Toaster
  • Flake the Bunny as Blanky
  • Tia the Dog as Lampy
  • Thayne Prouten as Radio
  • Bradley Prouten as Kirby
  • Ms. Hughes as Air Conditioner

Version 3

  • Charlene Jacobson as Toaster
  • Kevin as Blanky
  • Zack Prouten as Radio
  • Thayne Prouten as Lampy
  • Pop as Kirby
  • Ms. Frisen as Air Conditioner

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