Main Cast

  • Toaster as Bob The Builder
  • Tyrone (From The Backyardigans) as Spud The Scarecrow
  • Rob as Roley
  • Buster (From Toy Story) as Scruffy
  • Chris as Wendy
  • Arnold (From Hey Arnold) as Scoop
  • and more

Guest Stars

  • Rio as Herself
  • Otis (From Barnyard) as The Cow
  • Little Bill (From Little Bill) as Mr Sebeatin
  • Elmo St. Peters as The Horse
  • Lucy (From 64 Zoo Lane) as Young Girl
  • Lion (From Jumanji) as The Bear
  • Remy (From Ratatouille) as Jambroog
  • and more


  • (Music Playing)
  • The Brave Little Toaster/Bob the Builder: Built to Be Wild
  • (Harmonic Music Playing)
  • Bee: (blowing raspberry)
  • Buster: (Shocked)
  • Elmo St. Peters: Yee!
  • Toaster: He's coming.

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