• Toaster as WALL-E
  • Raido as EVE
  • Blankey as M-O
  • The Dog Catcher (from Lady and the Tramp) as Auto
  • Ratso as Go-4
  • Robby as Captain B. McCrea
  • Kirby as John
  • Faucet as Mary
  • The Evil Clown as Steward Bots
  • Plugsy as VAQ-M
  • Lampy as TYP-E
  • Air Conditioner as L-T
  • Wittgenstein as REM-E
  • The Crusher as WALL-A
  • The Junkyard Cars as The Robot Claws
  • Squirt as VN-GO
  • Battery as Plant
  • City as Axomio
  • Ernie's Dispoble as Earth
  • Cottage as Wall-e's House
  • A113 Room as Buy N Large City

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