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Clown: Hahahahahahahahaha!

Kirby: Aaaaaaaaaaahhh!

(in the launch base with the storm)

All: (gasping)

Sonic: Let's rock a roll guys!

Tails: Help me! Aaaaaaaaah! (falls off airship) Sonic!

Sonic: Tails!

Kirby: I know you shouldn't let's know your drive.

Ringmaster: Oh, shit! That's the quicksand!

Toaster: Come on, come on, pull!

Blanky: Wha... Kirby!

Kirby: Aw, this is great fun! Let's make these outings a regular thing, OK?

Sonic: Kirby! Inflate your bag, mister!

Kirby: Help me! Help me, howdy...

Blanky: Aaaaaaaaaah!

Lampy: Whoa a poor guy didn't have a chance just ssss and that's it.

Radio: I look out for possible ssss yourself!

Lampy: What? Whoa...

Ringmaster: Look at that! Unbelievable!

Toaster: Blanky, can you leggo? Try your untie yourself!

Blanky: I'm not scared...

Toaster: What? Mmm...

Ringmaster: I'll play another game, will pissed off.

Sonic: HO-YAAAH!

Then Dr. Eggman is ready will defeated his ball slam, take off your hands, and a shattered will Ball Slam's spike-head. Afterwards, Sonic look up the ceiling explodes with the storm.

Ringmaster: You bastard, Sonic! You bastard! So, here's the end. Appearancely, wants to play this game but the huge endings.

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