• Host: Bad times for actually, forks for evil!
  • Clown: (laughs)
  • (crash)
  • Host: Aaaaaaah! Oh, naygash! Well? That was an how, how horrible uses.
  • Blanky: Help me! Aaaaaaah! Toaster!
  • Host: Finally, he's dead... he's gone...
  • Toaster: Blanky!
  • Lampy: Mikey!
  • Host: Ahh...
  • Toaster: Where are you?!
  • Lampy: Mikey!
  • Host: Yeah, I lamp will be, uh, able to use.
  • Kirby: Blanket!
  • Toaster: That's a... can you hear me?! Blanky?! Blanky!
  • Host: The battery is not working.
  • Kirby: Gone dead!
  • Radio: We're trapped here like rats, small little rats with no hair and one light.
  • Toaster: Blanky!
  • Host: Stop yelling, he's gone!
  • Toaster: Blanky!
  • Kirby: Blanket! (thunder) Blanket!
  • Host: Back to the future, moment.
  • Kirby: Where are you, you little wimp?!
  • Host: Ain't guys, don't remember to back to the future, professor something goes up ands arrives his storm, gets electricude dies. Yes... Baa... Crap!
  • Toaster: Lampy!
  • Host: Lampy... He's dead! Yay! 2 down. 3 to go, with super battery, see ya. Ah, what a good morning.
  • Toaster: Blanky! Blanky, where are you?! Blaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn...
  • Host: Stop yelling. And he's alive?
  • Lampy: Blanky, speak up, for Pete's sake! (sneezes)
  • Host: C'mon.
  • Toaster: Just relax, you've done it now, now look for him.
  • Lampy: Means I am feeling burned out!

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