The Brave Little Toaster commentary.


  • JOHN LASSETER: Hi, I'm John Lasseter, welcome to the commentary in The Brave Little Toaster in 1987.
  • LEE UNKRICH: And I'm Lee Unkrich, The Brave Little Toaster animated Disney films.
  • LASSETER: Cartoons, animator or producer.
  • UNKRICH: Something, Bob the Builder claymation in 1998.
  • LASSETER: Joe Ranft as the binoculars.
  • (music playing)
  • UNKRICH: The title on The Brave Little Toaster, first line or last line.
  • LASSETER: Lenny from Toy Story, classic cartoons.
  • UNKRICH: Cartoon robots, Elmo St. Peters death for Disney villains, in those.
  • Radio: Good morning, good morning…
  • LASSETER: The Radio from The Brave Little Toaster, in the music of Mambo No. 5, commentary, Disney feature films.
  • UNKRICH: Listen in.
  • LASSETER: Bob the Builder in 1999.
  • Radio: …top of the news this morning, there's monkey business in Utah. Oh, seriously, now.
  • UNKRICH: Yeah!
  • Kirby: …2000 days! Chores!
  • Blanky: Chores?
  • Toaster: It'll…
  • LASSETER: Toaster called, "It'll be fun."
  • Radio: …some fun. Listen to this…
  • More

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