The Brave Little Toaster Scene 8: The Right Direction

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  • Toaster: You should this is right direction ?
  • Radio: As sure as I am honest.
  • Lampy: In that case, then we're definitely lost.
  • Blanky: But there in lions in there.
  • Radio: And tigers and bears, oh my.
  • Lampy: He's such a baby ! Blah, blah !
  • Kirby was still going over into the forest, we cut to the corner of lights in shadow of the forest.
  • Toaster: What's the matter, Kirby ?
  • Kirby: Ooh, batteries running low. We shouldn't give me a rest, turn out that light. < Lampy turns off the light >
  • Blanky: Do we have to stop here ?
  • Toaster: Only for a while.
  • Radio: Just long enough to lose our minds. We'll be cannibals within a few days, I think just to happen.
  • Kirby: And you'll be the first to go, dial face.
  • Lampy: Hey, look ! We can stay in here, look.
  • Toaster, Radio, Blanky, Kirby: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah !
  • Lampy: What's the matter ?
  • Radio: Eat my lives, my poor sap.
  • Lampy: Huh ? Ooooh-aaaaah-ooooh-aaaah-ooooh-aaaah !
  • Radio: Aww, I throught you were a goner.
  • Lampy: Aww, you wish.
  • Toaster: You know, guys, we are gonna need some kind of shelter.
  • Kirby: Yeah, shelter from the likes of them.
  • Radio: Come here and say that, chrome-dome.
  • Kirby: What ?
  • Radio: I meant to say "vacuous vacuum." Ladies and gentlemen, let's get ready to rumble ! In the blue corner, undefeated champion... Rocko "The Radio" Ratuno. Ding ! And there's the bell. They're on each other like black on a bowling ball !
  • Lampy: Hey, look !
  • Then go to sleep was heard Star-Spangled Banner.
  • Radio: That concludes our broadcast day. This is Lowell Winchell signing off. Good night, America, and all the ships at sea.
  • Toaster: Thanks.
  • Blanky: Aw, that's all right. < yawns >
  • Lampy: So, what's this thing with you and the blanket ?
  • Toaster: What thing ?
  • Lampy: All of a sudden you're being so darn nice to him, all of a sudden.
  • Toaster: I was just thinking, and I got this feeling... that I should be nicer to him for a change. And now I feel better.
  • Lampy: Well, that's weird.
  • Toaster: What's weird about it ?
  • Lampy: I don't know, You were never this nice to him before... and now you're nice to him all the time. I don't know. I'm just trying to understand, figure out what it means.
  • Toaster: It's kinda hard to describe. It's like being next to a new loaf of bread. Hmm, let's see... It's like a warm, toasty feeling inside. Like a glow.
  • Lampy: A glow ?
  • Toaster: Yeah !
  • Lampy: I think I know what you're talking about. It's like the feeling I get when I think about the Master.
  • Toaster: Yeah, that's it.
  • Lampy: I remembered my first time light bulb burned out. < turns off the bulb, get shocked > I thought, "That's it ! "It's over, I'm burned out ! 86 To the showers !" But then the Master put in a brand-new bulb. And I just glowed.
  • Toaster: Well, that's all his do it.
  • Lampy: That's very interesting, good night slothead.
  • Toaster: Good night... < yawns >
  • Young Rob: Naaah ! Blaaah, oh.
  • It goes turned on the smoking by Toaster getting accident, Young Rob was kidnapped.
  • Clown: Run.
  • Toaster runs. Clown turns on the water, Toaster couldn't take it anymore the enemy's fork. When Toaster hold the shower curtain while the clown will laughing, and Toaster falls into the bathtub was heard crashed. Then Toaster wakes up, it turns on the lightning strikes.
  • Blanky: Aaaaaaaaaahhhh ! Help me ! Aaaaaaaaah! Help me ! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah ! Toaster !
  • The Blanky fly away to the trees.
  • Toaster: Blanky !
  • These are Blanky was lost, how you did. Toaster calling her Blanky will lightning strikes are ever made.
  • Lampy: Blanky !
  • Toaster: Where are you ?!
  • Lampy: Blanky !
  • Toaster: Blanky !
  • Kirby: Blanket !
  • Toaster: That's why, can you hear me ?! Blanky ? Blanky !
  • Kirby: The batteries gone dead !
  • Radio: We're trapped here like rats, small little rats with no hair one light.
  • Toaster: Blanky !
  • Toaster calling the Blanky will pleaded. Lampy was plug in the car battery, it doesn't work. Because Lampy was storm gets frightened him.
  • Kirby: Blanket ! Where are you, you little wimp ?!
  • Toaster: Blanky ?
  • Kirby: Blanket !
  • She look up the ahead. Lightning strikes as Lampy saw, plug in the battery. And hits the lightning rod caught Lampy, and bulb gets out.
  • Toaster: Lampy !
  • Toaster, Kirby, Radio was going over to Lampy gets accident, they love each other.

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