• The next morning, in the forest was still looking for Blanky into there.
  • Toaster: Blanky ! Blanky, where are you ?! Blaaaaaaaaannnnkkkkyyy !
  • Lampy: Come on, Blanky, speak up for Pete's sake ! < electronic coughs >
  • Toaster: No, no, just relax. You've done enough, we'll look for him.
  • Lampy: Means I am feeling burned out.
  • Radio: Listen to this : The lamp was awarded a Purple Heart, today for being woulded in the line of duty. Lamps across the nation were switching off for a moment of silence in respect for his our bravery.
  • Blanky: Help !
  • Toaster: Hey, listen.
  • Blanky: Help me, please ! Toaster, Kirby, I'm stuck !
  • Toaster: I hear him.
  • Lampy: But I can't see him, anywhere.
  • Radio: Maybe he's callin from blanket heaven, he's a puffy yellow angel, with a knob nose.
  • Kirby: He's just stuck in a tree, that's all, look.
  • Blanky: Help !
  • Gonna get wires an plugs in before he Kirby goes up the elevator.
  • Toaster: Hang on tight, Blanky !
  • Blanky: I am !
  • Radio: Don't let the tremendous height scare you.
  • Blanky: < gasps >
  • Kirby: Hey, watch out ! Come on ! I can't see, get off !
  • Blanky, Kirby: < shrieking > Watch out below !
  • Blanky: That was kind of fun.
  • Kirby: Now get off my face.
  • Toaster: Thanks, Kirby.
  • Lampy: Great idea, Kirby!
  • Blanky: You saved me!
  • Radio: I knight thee, 'Sir Vac'.
  • Kirby: I just cut it out willya, I did it so we could go, we're wasting time.

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