The Broken Bridge is a fan-fiction direct-to-video Thomas & Friends Episode released for the direct to video series: Thomas & The Narrow Gauge Engines".


Sir Handel tells the other engines a story about an reckless engine who fell off a bridge, who collasped. However, Duncan and Harmood are laughing and boasting about bridges, until disaster strikes, when Harmood breaks his brakes and gets into a disasterous accident, and he and the coaches fall off and down into a river of mud. Luckly, his driver, the guard and the passangers jumped clear before the fall, but not his fireman. He had a bad knee when he hits it on the broken support. Soon, an ambulance takes the fireman to the hospital, and Freddie helps him onto the Breakdown Train's flatbed. Mr. Percival repriminds Harmood and takes away his favorite jobs, and Sir Handel laughs at Harmood, which maks Harmood feel silly.


  • Skarloey
  • Rheneas
  • Sir Handel
  • Peter Sam
  • Rusty (cameo)
  • Duncan
  • Fearless Freddie
  • Duke (cameo)
  • Mighty Mac (cameo)
  • Harmood
  • Smudger
  • The Mountain Engine
  • Mr. Percival


  • The Narrow Gauge Yards
  • The Narrow Gauge Sheds
  • The Old Rickety Bridge


  • US Narrator: Michael Brandon.
  • UK Narrator: Michael Angelis.
  • The mountain engine uses the same model as Culdee.


  • Narrator: One night, the Narrow Gauge engines were resting in the yards. Sir Handel, one of the oldest engines on Sodor, was going to tell a story.
  • Sir Handel: Driver told me the story.
  • Narrator: He said.
  • Rheneas: I hope it's not too scary.
  • Narrator: Said Rheneas. He didn't like being scared.
  • Peter Sam: Me too!
  • Narrator: Said Peter Sam. He didn't like being scared neither.
  • Duncan: Rubbish!
  • Narrator: Snapped Duncan.
  • Smudger: It's just a story.
  • Narrator: Grumbled Smudger.
  • Skarloey: Ssssh!
  • Narrartor: Said Skarloey. Then Sir Handel began.
  • Sir Handel: Once upon a time, (flashback to a old bridge) there was a old bridge. It was really rusty and dirty. It made the sound of creaking every time when an engine goes past it. One day, an Mountain Engine was taking a train of coal to the station. He was very careless, reckless and stuck-up. Soon, he was puffing haftway the bridge until it happened. It started to collasp, and the mountain engine was scared. (uses the Mountain Engine's horrified voice) "Help!" he cried, (uses the Mountain Engine's horrified voice again) "Help me out of here!". But it was too late. The haft of the bridge broke and the mountain engine fell down with it. A loud whistle escaped from the engine as he fell down into the muddy ravine. Then, came a loud ear-splitting crash as he hit the ravine hard. Sounds of vits and pieces flying around followed. And the noise died to silence. Soon, a few hours later, they brought the engine home. (uses the manager's voice) "We have no money to mend you", the Culdee Fell manager said, (uses the manager's voice again) "So you'll go to the back of our shed". As time went on, the poor engine felt smaller and smaller, till nothing was left.
  • Narrator: All the other Narrow Gauge engines shivered a little, except for Duncan and Harmood, who laughed and boasted.
  • Duncan: Fancy allowing mountain engines to fall off bridges. That wouldn't dare that to us. We'll show them!
  • Narrator: Freddie was cross.
  • Freddie: I couldn't help it, you two!
  • Narrator: He snapped.
  • Freddie: You never fell off bridges! I want to know how rude you are.
  • Narrator: But Duncan and Smudger just laughed and laughed. Some days later, Harmood rushed through the mountains.
  • Harmood: (whistles) Boop boop! By the bridges! Hurry! Hurry!
  • Narrator: Huffed Harmood.
  • Coaches: Don't make such a fuss! Don't make such a fuss!
  • Narrator: Grumbled his coaches. Suddenly, the same bridge that the mountain engine fell was ahead. Harmood saw it and tried to stop, but it was too late! Harmood and his coaches fell off the bridge and landed on the muddy swamp. His driver, the conductor and the passangers had jumped clear before the fall, but not his fireman. He had a bad knee.
  • Fireman: I need to go to the hospital to have knee sugery.
  • Narrator: He groaned. His driver went for help. Freddie arrived with the Breakdown Train, and Harmood was lifted on the flatbed. Freddie took him to the works to be repaired.
  • Harmood and Duncan: Not a word. Keep it dark.
  • Narrator: Whispered Harmood and Duncan to each other. They felt rather silly. Mr. Percival was cross when Harmood crawled home.
  • Mr. Percival: Harmood, you have put yourself and the coaches in an awful accident with an old bridge.
  • Narrator: He said. Harmood felt silly.
  • Mr. Percival: As punishment.
  • Narrator: Mr. Percival continued.
  • Mr. Percival: I will take away you passanger and frieght car duties.
  • Harmood: Please, sir, I'll behave well!
  • Narrator: Wailed Harmood.
  • Mr. Percival: Too bad!
  • Narrator: Said Mr. Percival. And he left.
  • Sir Handel: Well, well, well.
  • Narrator: Chuckled Sir Handel.
  • Sir Handel: Two aggorant engines afraid of a bridge?
  • Harmood: Afraid?! Rubbish!
  • Narrator: Said Harmood. He didn't want the whole thing to spoil his life.
  • Harmood: We'll stop so it's not to excite it. So, does it what it means, my dear Sir Handel?
  • Sir Handel: Yes, Harmood.
  • Narrator: Said Sir Handel. Harmood felt like Sir Handel saw only too well.

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