The Busy Wolrd of Richard Scarry/The Berenstain Bears: King of the Bears

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  • Huckle's Dad as Papa Bear
  • Huckle's Mom as Mama Bear
  • Huckle Cat as Brother Bear
  • Sally Cat as Sister Bear
  • Big Bird as Raffish Ralph
  • Miss Piggy as Frankie
  • Mayor of Munchkinland as Mr. Herriman
  • Dorothy Gale as Mrs. Herriman
  • Mayor Fox as Mayor Honeypot
  • Snuffy as Professor Actual Factual
  • Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy and Dopey as The Guests, Children, Imaginary Friends, Police Officers, Firefighters, Cave Friends and Snow Friends
  • Candace as Officer Maguerite
  • Lowly Worm as Cousin Freddy
  • Snow White as Betsy
  • Dr. Facilier as Too-Tall
  • Jafar as BigPaw
  • Horton as Finagle the Agent

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