&nbsp The Busy World of Richard Scarry/Disney Princess is a parody with Disney Princess sounds and The Busy World of Richard Scarry clips.


Version 1

  • Lowly as Ariel
  • Huckle as Alice
  • Mr. Fixit as Snow White
  • Mr. Frumble as Mulan
  • Bananas Gorilla as Princess Jasmine
  • Wolfgang as Princess Aurora
  • Mr. Cat as Belle
  • Billy Dog as Cinderella
  • Benny as Pocahontas
  • Harry as Tiana
  • Kenny as Wendy
  • Sergeant Murphy as Princess Eilonwy

and more

Version 2 (Made by MagicTales1998Fan and BusytownMovies)

  • Lowly as Cinderella
  • Huckle as Alice
  • Mr. Fixit as Princess Aurora
  • Billy Dog as Ariel
  • Sergeant Murphy as Belle
  • Mr. Frumble as Wendy
  • Kenny as Princess Jasmine
  • Mr. Cat as Snow White
  • Bananas Gorilla as Tiana
  • Sneef as Princess Eilonwy
  • Sniff as Tinkerbell
  • Pickles as Mulan
  • Wolfgang as Esmeralda
  • Harry as Pocahontas
  • Benny as Princess Kida
  • Dennis as Rapunzel
  • Robbie as Gisellle
  • Mr. Raccoon as Megara

and more

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