• Lowly Worm as Bloo
  • Huckle Cat as Mac
  • Sally Cat as Frankie
  • The Villain in the Panama Hat as Terrence
  • Huckle's Mom as Mac's Mom
  • Bugs Bunny as Mr. Herriman
  • Porky Pig as Wilt
  • Yosemite Sam as Eduardo
  • Daffy Duck as Coco
  • Maleficent as Duchess
  • Owen as Cheese
  • BooBoo Bear as Jackie Khones
  • Yogi Bear as Sunset Junction
  • Wally Gator as Bloppy Pants
  • Secret Squirrel as Fluffer Nutter
  • Quick Draw McGraw as Yogi Boo Boo
  • Squiddly Diddly as Billy the Squid
  • Snagglepuss as George Mucus
  • Peter Potamus as Scissors
  • Huckleberry Hound as Mr. Edmonton
  • Sergeant Murphy as Keystone Blop
  • Smokey as Chief Hoseynose
  • Mr. Frumble as Bellybob Norton
  • Jimmy Two-Shoes as Jimmy Shoes
  • Bird Bird and Snuffy as Chester n' Nester
  • Reuben as Uncle Pockets
  • Gorgonzola as Berry
  • Ceviche as Ivan
  • Mr. Fixit as Sloppy Moe
  • Charlie Brown as Kevin
  • Snoopy as Germs
  • Shoredor as Mr. Hoffenfoffer
  • Joe Agate as The Ghost
  • Granny as Madame Foster
  • Lola Bunny as Mrs. Herriman
  • Heloise as Goo

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