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  • Lowly as Sailor Moon
  • Huckle as Molly Baker
  • Harry and Benny as Sailor Mini Moon
  • Mr. Fixit as Sailor Mercury
  • Billy Dog as Sailor Mars
  • Bananas Gorilla as Sailor Jupiter
  • Mr. Frumble as Sailor Venus
  • Hilda as Tuxedo Mask
  • Mrs. Cat as Mrs. Tsukino
  • Pig Will and Pig Won't as Sailor Uranus
  • Scout as Sailor Neptune
  • Mr. Cat as Sailor Pluto
  • Pickles as Sailor Saturn
  • Sally as Sammy
  • P.S. Pig as Tuxedo Kamen
  • Sniff as Sailor Star Maker
  • Sneef as Sailor Star Healer
  • Scout's Father as Sailor Star Fighter

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