The Caballero Dance are one of the seven New Magical Events. it features Donald Duck (Character) Jose Carindo and Panchito similar to the movie The Three Caballeros, and it magically appears in Teletubbyland who it first appeared on the eleven episode until soon when they speak spanish which sound like characters from Monthy Python or EastEnders.

The Caballero Dance appears on some various episodes. they are:

Milk and Cookies

The Cat

Dragonflies 2

Dirty Dog 3

Going to Mexico

The Beach 3

Stuart Little/Toy Story 2

Windmill 2


Naughty List (No editing)

Dance Club


Builders Fantasy

Funny color

It's Time to Load Up the Computer VHS or Lazerdisc

Teletubbies/The Wild (2006)


The sketch starts with The Magic Windmill spinning as the Teletubbies sketching out with color, the Baby Sun laughs and giggling. it looks different from other sketches as there is no sound from the event and the Teletubbies destnation of New Magical Events. as the Teletubbies sit on a Hill a Gift appears, later after that Donald Duck and Jose grabbing the ribbion and the mexico music plays. and then 2 birds are black while there dancing and then Donald grabs away. and heard Jose speaks Espanol and Panticho comes down. and while he talks. and he screams even louder, a click clack cluck sound is heard. in the middle of the voice nowhere says "Sos Mos Los Enstarlos, Los Tres Caballeros, Mam senbrash andthes soboni!". Jose and Panchito flys as Donald trys to fly and the voiceover continues "Cales De Amigos, Simbern gomos-Onedonmentru Omjem then gembios!" they stand in the left as they so exicted and "Dans Sem Lescropys. Gey Boms Ban sembropesh. A Boom Manybromsn Manbroym!" they dead but they exicted again so "An Brems den Benambos. Go Mo Brembasnto" with Donald Duck "Gay Brens Strawl" with Toghter "Mos Tros Dros! Los Tres Caballeros" when Jose blow like horn to the Shadow Behind "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Lo Tre Aryos Brepahhhh, A Los They Belindddd, Lo Mo Bros Thee, A Bem Ben Brambriah. Dos Boms Be Brambriah!" To Jose "As Yes Kem Brambrah?" to Panchito "Ohsambree Yoursembree" and then goes while they sing. as Donald and Jose trys to Panchito stops and it said death. the Caballeros then turn into a real life as there disapper before The Magic Windmill Stops Spinning or the Sun Baby Giggles. If there's sometime,


In Stuart Little/Toy Story 2, Naughty List (no editing), and Teletubbies/The Wild (2006), a fade effect use when it slows down.

they speak Spanish (aka Espanol)


Coming soon!


Coming soon!


Coming soon!

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