The Campbells is a series about HO and based on Oscar Nicholls' will to find his first family.


Oscar has broken his leg in the 2004 pedestrian accident, and uses a walking stick to get to HO meetings after going to the Reeces' house, a few kilometres away from HO base. He also activates an "Auto-Fly" system on the enchanted car from a passage, consisting of a long garden, a tree with a grey button activating an ascending door, a rope, a slide and a lift. HO is still active, but there is a new 1,000,000-year-old dragon who has been angered because he has already lost. He frequently tries to break up HO, but whoever he takes, Oscar seemingly knows it's him in disguise.

Episode list

Proposed second season

When possible, a second season will account the four events of Great Destruction (1933-2005).

First quarter

  • Destruction of the Subway, Tube, Elevated and Underground train systems
  • A hole, tunic and pair of shoes discovered in B-MEC
  • Old Bathurst Cathedral, West Dension Bridge and Australia Post destroyed
  • Mayoral House is numbed
  • Sundries and dogs terrorized
  • Several replacements destroyed

Second quarter

  • Fairgrounds destroyed
  • A Hard Rock brand dissolved
  • A large drought

Third quarter

  • All computers of the world behave uncontrolably
  • The McDonald's "93,000,000,000 served" sign goes to "0 served"
  • The Spinning Restraunt goes haywire before blasting off
  • Bullies are swallowed

Fourth quarter

  • The prisons of the world are destroyed
  • A small %10 of the enemies of Aus-tra-li-a are kidnapped
  • A fear of plants are spread
  • Detention rooms are destoyed
  • The new train systems are abandoned
  • The clocktowers are destroyed

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