Name Character Source
Mickey Rooney Mr. Nicholas Cherrywood / Loyal Heart Dog / Proud Heart Cat Me Rydell and the Subspace Empire [2][23][24]
Jackie Burroughs The Spirit  Professor Poopsie P.Potty Pants Deput Einestein NOS-4-A2 Harley Quinn, Hunch, Morgana, Cloke, Dagger, Undertow the Trix and Plankton) [2][23]
Georgia Engel Love-a-lot Bear  the Littlest Pet Shop Gang Toucan Sam and his Nephews Tony the Tiger Sonny the Cuckoo Bird Mr DNA, Dr Alan Grant and his Friends, Bloom and her Friends, Spongebob and his Friends, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong Ariel and her family (including Princess Melody and King Triton), Larry David Ace Bunny and his friends (from Loonatics Unleashed), the Teletubbies, Noo-Noo, Batman, Robin, the Rugrats, the Bubble Guppies [2][23]
Sunny Besen Thrasher Jason Flik (From a bugs Life) [2][23]
Eva Almos Friend Bear / Swift Heart Rabbit [2][16][25]
Patricia Black Share Bear / Funshine Bear the Kids Next Door Numbuh 362 [2][16]
Melleny Brown Birthday Bear / Cozy Heart Penguin / Vuk Heart Fox / Totodile Heart Crocodile / Wild Heart Wolfthe Entire McdonaldLand Adventure Crew  Theodore Tugboat the Pajanimals the loonatics Unleashed  villains,  the Histeria gang, Destroyah,, Tom and Jerry [2][16]
Bob Dermer[nb 4] Grumpy Bear / Racer Rabbit / Nimble Heart Rabbit / Baby Dash Heart Rabbit / Baby Flash Heart Rabbit / Baby Fleet-Foot Bear / Soulful Heart Fox / Reliable Heart Rabbit / Forest Heart Fox / Guardian Heart Wolf / Cool Heart Fox / Angel Heart Deer / Strong Heart Wolf / Healing Heart Manticore / Squeezy Heart Kracken / Noisy Heart Cockatiel / Patient Heart Turtle / Anger Heart Fox / Dreamer Heart Bat / Golden Heart Retriever / Deductive Heart Fox / Paint Heart Rabbit / Merry Heart Deer / Light Heart Blue Jay / Soaring Heart Eagle / Crazy Heart Fox / Shadow Heart Wolf / Lightning Heart Fox / Zenith Heart Eagle / Plushie Heart Kangaroo / Trying Heart Raccoon / Bleeding Heart Hare / Sugar Heart Fox / Honor Heart Fox / Secret Heart Fox / Love Heart Cat / Australian Heart Kangaroo / Green Heart Jackal Socceror Plagula and the Plauge Monsters and Divatox and her Minions) [2][25]
Jayne Eastwood Christmas Heart Pileated Woodpecker Jerry Seinfeld and his Friends Robin Starlyn (from Tom and Jerry the Movie) [2]
Anni Evans Voila Heart Tropical Pink WaterFowl Clifford and his Friends, Matt, Inez, Jackie, Digit, IG-88 and his Friends, MrSMBRULEZ, Hank Hill and his Friends Sam Clover Alex Gumball Darwin Penny Steve Urkel [2]
Gloria Figura Precious Heart Cat Godzilla and his Friends, Ronald Mcdonald and his Friends, Mike, Sulley, Earl and his Family, the Simpsons, Gina Vendetti, Milhouse Vanhouten, Alex Whitney, Yakko and his Sibblings, the Tiny Toons, Blard Simpleton, Matt Metalgarurumon, Billy, Ttark, Laura Powers, Bloom and her friends, Chaintlceer and his Friends, Ariel and her Friends and Family, Genie, Littlefoot and his Friends [2]
Cree Summer[nb 5] Kim Jafar, Maleficent, Myotismon, Ursula, Hades, Dr Facilier, Captain Hook, Cruella De Vil, the Super Evil Squad the Crime Empire Harley Quinn King Ghidorah, SpaceGodzilla the Grand Duke of Owls, Morgana, Ratigan, Fidget, Scar, The Evil Queen, Gaston, Hacker, Buzz, Delete, Pinky and the Brain, Sharptooth, Mr Burns, Smithers, Fat Tony, the Predator, the Werecats Red Claw, Screech, Thud, the GangGreen Gang Newman Dark Helmet (From SpaceBalls) The Nostalgia Critic, the TGWTG Squad, the Angry Video Game Nerd, Benethlooney the Medicine man and the Ghost Bull (from Scooby-Doo a Bum Steer For Scooby) Old Iron Face (From Scooby-Doo the Creepy Case of Old Iron Face) Aunt Figg and Lickboot (From Tom and Jerry the Movie) Xerex (from 300) the Witch (From Brave) [2][25]
Brian George Slimy Heart Gray Wolf / Elderly Heart Goat / Fast Heart Peacock Mojo Jojo and the Brocoloid Empire (From the PowerPuff Girls) M.Bison and his Minions (From Street Fighters) the Villains From Johnny Test  Bob Wire and his Minions (From King) and the Video Game Monster (From Regular Show)) [2]
Janet-Laine Green Wish Bear And More Guest Stars [2][25]
Luba Goy Gentle Heart Lamb Even More Guest Stars [2][25]
Terri Hawkes Baby Hugs Bear The Girls Guest Stars [2][26]
Dan Hennessey Brave Heart Lion / Flash Heart Kit Fox / Camera Heart Coyote / Lazy Heart Road Runner / Tall Heart Ostrich More [2][25]
Jim Henshaw Bright Heart Raccoon / Rush Heart Red Fox / Dizzy Heart Roseate Spoonbill / Stubborn Heart Red-crowned Crane /More [2][25]
Hadley Kay Young Nicholas More Charcters [2][25]
Marla Lukofsky Good Luck Bear / Playful Heart Monkey The Cast Of Mr Dna [2][25]
Pauline Rennie Grams Bear / Skinny Heart Southern Rockhopper Penguin / Sneeze Heart Vixen The Super Evil Squad [2][25]
Billie Mae Richards Tenderheart Bear Jonthan [2][25]
Brent Titcomb Funny Heart Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill Yakko Pooh Adventures Team [2]

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