Benson (character):Live From Cartoon Studios in Lombard Illinois All Cartoons Prouductions Presents The Cartoon Christmas Spectacular! Appearing on Tonight's Broadcast; Cat, Taz the Tasmanian Devil,Kyle Broflovski,Dog & Raving Rabbid,The Space Rangers,XR,Mr.Krabs,Lola Bunny,Patrick Star,& Me Benson. & Featuing Tonight Main Event The Network Premier The Dolphin That Saves Christmas!

(I Can't Believe It's Christmas)

Cat: (Singing): If You Like To Cats,If a Dog Can Make You Smile If You Like Walts With Bunnies Up & Down The Cartoons! Have We Got A Show For You!

Cartoons:Cartoons, Cartoons, Cartoons,Cartoons,Cartoons,Cartoons,Cartoons,Cartoons!



Kyle:Cartoon Network,Big Idea,Warner Bros



Cartoon Characters:Cartoons! There Never Ever Ever Ever Been A Show Like Cartoons! There Never Ever Ever Ever Been A Show Like Cartoons! It's Time For Cart-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ons!

(Taz Starting To Fate)


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