Rinoa Heartily exhibits traits common to ESFjs. She is very outgoing, ethical, enthusiastic, and warm-hearted. Her poor :Ni: shows itself in her poor planning, which leads to a failed attempt to capture Galbadian President Deling. Her :Te: shows itself in her role as a sorceress - she transmits power between figures, one time allowing herself to be a spritual conduit for time compressions. This very act, indeed, is demonstrative of the flow between :Te: role into :Fe: point of least resistance: the exchange of energy leads to a sequential progression, in this case a change in time. The specific change in time demonstrates the nature of :Ni: vulnerability: there is no perception of sequence, no flow of time. From this static state emerges the impetus to construct a new reality: the dual-seeking function of :Ti: gives order to the timelessness :Ni: chaos and creates the :Ne: possibility of a new progression of events. Her heart congeals herself as an :Fi: field static in the now-reanimated field of time-compressed space, allowing her the :Se: will to experience :Fe: reality anew. Rinoa emerges from the darkness of the unconscious to defeat Ultimecia in :Si: combat.

Like most ESFjs, Rinoa pays close attention to what people around her are experiencing, although it could be argued that what she experiences most are her own feelings. She is adept at shifting people's moods by shifting their experiences of reality; a little enthusiasm goes a long way. Unusually playful for a young adult, she brims with optimism while keeping her fears to herself. This is a trademark characteristic of extroverted feeling; for if the person who is responsible for spreading love and cheer fails to withhold their negative emotions, they will at the very least be unable to diffuse the outbreak of disagreeable feeling motives into the social sphere, and at the worst will add to their severity. For this reason Rinoa hides her feelings of helplessness from Squall, who as a :Ti: dominant is all too aware of the ESFj's powerlessness against the world's coldly logical mechanations. This leads Squall to compensate for her weaknesses not out of emotional impulse, but through principled concern for her well-being. It is not until Rinoa's helplessness becomes ultimately manifest in the reaches of space, far from any source of human aid, that Squall begins to apprehend the importance of his feelings for her.

Rinoa shows little attention for strength or for precision; this inattention invariably derails her planning. She finds herself without the power to restrain Edea at Galbadia, nor even the will to control her own body once Ultimecia has possessed it. Rinoa very rarely thinks about anything objectively; she is never seen examining the consequences of her actions except in hindsight, and even then only in terms of the immediate helplessness she has created for herself. Her vulnerable function expresses itself at these moments, where the ticking clock bears its hand against the interval of her salvation. Several times in the course of the story she is placed in situations of imminent peril; not at the hands of a single individual who threatens to strike her down at any moment, but at the mercy of a process that will, if not terminated before a sufficient interval, culminate in her demise. Her :Te: role function shows itself in her diplomatic skills: she appears as an emmissary on behalf of Timbre at the Balamb Garden graduation ball, seeking out the people she needs to network with on behalf of acheiving the desired assistance for her plans. Rinoa desires an ideal world free of strife and oppression, however she needs strong leadership to acheive it. More than anything else, it is that leadership which Squall offers her.

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