"My old man ruled the world with money, and that worked for him. But... I do things differently. I'll rule the world with fear. It's too much to do it like my old man."

Cold, calculating. But not too much. This describes Rufus Shinra, who's shrewed manipulation of appearances is indicative of his ISTj-ENFj personality type. As Tifa Lockhart says, "no one has ever seen him bleed nor cry": weakness is never a product of Rufus Shinra's personality. Construct people's perceptions one on top of the other, if they think this, then they can think this, then set this thinking with this, and they'll think this....

"What do you think we found there? ...We found nothing at all, you can relax."

The arrangements of these perspectives, one built upon another, creates a heiarchy of shared beliefs that lends itself a power all its own. If you control what people think, then you can control them by realizing how they will react. This sensation of power seems to be reinforced by every new perception added to the mix.... The perception of power increases as the heiarchy of perceptions rises ever higher. This little little lie led to this little lie... led to this little lie etc....

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