• Simba - Ballue (Animaniacs)
  • Nala - Rita (Animaniacs)
  • Mufasa - Thomas O'Malley (The Aristocats)
  • Sarabi - Duchess (The Aristocats)
  • Rafiki - The White Man's Dog (Pink Panther & Pals)
  • Zazu - Owl (The Gruffalo/The Gruffalo's Child)
  • Scar - Camembert (Animaniacs)
  • Shenzi, Banzai and Ed - Starlight Glimmer (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic), Splendont and The Rat (Happy Tree Friends: Ka-Pow!)
  • Other Heyenas - The Evil Queen, Humbert the Huntman, Magic Mirrior (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), Fowlfellow, Giddion, Strombi, the Coachman, Lampwick, Monstro, (Pionochio) The Ringmaster, Clowns, Pink Elephants, (Dumbo) Man, Hunter Dogs, Young Ronno, (Bambi) Zeus, Magic Brooms, Tryansous Rex, Chernabog, (Fanastia) Mr. Winkie, Weasels, The Headless Horseman, (The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad) Brer Fox, Brer Bear, (Song of the South) Lady Treaime, Drizella, Luficer, Pom-Pom, (Cinderella 1 & 2) Queen of Hearts, King of Hearts Card Soliders, Cherise Cat, Jabberwoccky, (Alice in Wonderland animated and live action) Captian Hook, Mr. Smee, Sharky and Bones, Tick Tock Croc, Pirate Crew, (Peter Pan) Si and Am, The Rat, Alley Dogs, Reggie, Buster, (Lady and the Tramp 1 &2) Maleficent, Malificent's goons, Diablo, (Sleeping Beauty) Madame Mim, (The Sword in the Stone) Kaa, Shere Khan, (The Jungle Book) Prince John, Sir Hiss, Sherrif of Nothinam, Nusty, and Trigger, (Robin Hood) Madame Medusa, Mr. Snoops, Brutus and Nero, McLeach, Joanna, (The Rescuers) Heafflumps, Wozzles, Pooh, Piglet and Tigger lookalikes, The Backon, Stan and Heff, Nasty Jack, (Winnie The Pooh) Pete, Big Bad Wolf, Phantom Blot, (Classic Disney) Amos Slade, Chief, Bear, (The Fox and the Hound) Sark, MCP, Clu, (Tron 1 &2) Horned King, Creeper, Skelton Army, (The Black Cauldron) Nome King, Princess Mombi, Wheelers, (Return to Oz) Ratigan, Ratigan's thugs, Fidget, Felica, (The Great Mouse Dective) Sykes, Roscoe and Decosto, (Oliver and Company) Scar, Shenzi, Banzai, Ed, Zira, Nuka, Vitani (The Lion King 1 & 2) Duke Ightorn, Toadworth, Ogres, Lady Bane, Unwin, (Gummi Bears) Beagle Boys, Flintheart Glomgold, Magica Despell, Poe Despell, Merlock, Djon, (DuckTales) Don Karange, Air Pirates, Colonel Spigot, Serg. Dunder,(Talespin) Fat Cat, Meps, Wart, Mole, Snout, Norton and Normie Nimul, Klodane, Percy, (Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers) Mariena DelRay, The Evil Manta, Lobster Mobster, Da Shrimp, The Socress, Glowfish, Ursula, Flosetam and Jestam, Morgana, Undertow Cloak and Dagger, (The Little Mermaid series) Gaston, Lefou, Forte, (Beauty and the Beast 1&2) Jafar, Gazeem the theif, Abis Mal, Haroud, Abis Mal's men, Mechantiles, Mirage, Mozenrath, Xerxes, Amim Kuba, Malcho, Prince Achmed, Saleen, Narrisa, Bazzara, Chaos, Aziz, Ayham Ahghoul, Nefir and his Imps, Saluk, 40 Theives, (Aladdin series) Oogie Boogie, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, The Experiment, (The Nighmare Before Christmas), Gover Radcliff, (Pochantoas) Jugde Claude Frollo, (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) Hades, Pain and Panic,Hecate, Fear, Terror, Hydra, Cerbeous, Titans, River Gaurdian, (Herrcules) The Fearsome Five, Ammonia Pine, Steelbeak, Tarus Bulba, Hammerhead, Fowl, Darkwarrior Duck, Tank, Ample Grime, Slpatter Pheonix, Tuskernini, (Darkwing Duck) Julius, (Runaway Brain) Shan Yu, Huns, (Mulan) Clayton, Sabor, Queen La, Tublat, (Tarzan series) Firebird, Fanstasia 2000) Rorke, Helga, (Atlantis The Lost Empire) Yzma, (The Emperor's New Groove) Captian Fin (Treasure Planet) Alameta Slim, (Home on the Range) Sid, Scud, (Toy Story) Al, Propector (Toy Story 2) Hopper, Grasshoppers, (A Bug's Life) Randall Bogs, Henry J Watermose, (Monsters Inc) Zurg, Grubs, Warp, NOS4A2, Wire Wolf, Xl, (Buzz Lightear of Star Command, Muriel Finster, Radall, (Recess) Dr. Benict, (Recess School's Out) Bruce, Darla, (Finding Nemo) Sydrome, (The Increbiles) The Aliens, Foxy Loxy, (Chicken Little) Chick Hicks, Tuner Cars, (Cars) The Bower Hat Guy, Doris, (Meet the Robisons) Dr. Calico, (Bolt) Dr. Falicer, Lawerence, The Demons, (The Princess and the Frog) Auto, (WALL-E) Losto, (Toy Story 3) Mother Gothel, (Tangled) King Candy, (Wreckit Ralph) Prof Z, (Cars 2) Mordu, (Brave) Evarona, The Wicked Witch of the East, (Oz The Great and Powerful) Norman Snivley, Miss Griller, Warwick, Halloween Hound, Cleoptaca, (Air Bud Series) Coco La Bouce, Jean Claude, Wolf, Siri, (Rugrats) Roger, Bebe, Bommer, Stinky, (Doug, Mr. Horse, (Ren and Stimpy) Simmon the monster hunter (AHHH Real Monsters) Ed Bighead,Earl, (Rocko, Modern Life) Ansem, Master Xehorant, Young, Xehornant, Xemmas, Saix, Braig, Vantias, Unversed, Maruxula, Larxene, Luxord, Demx, Terra, Heartless, Nobodies, Sephiroth, Seifer, Nightmares Dream Eaters, (Kingdom Hearts series) Sin, (Final Fanasty) The Great Pumpkin, (Peanuts) Mort, Wart, and Gort, The Weasel, The Fox, The Wolf, Waylon and Spencer, Finagler Fox, Reedome and Weep, (US Acres) Coldheart, Frostbite, Auntie Freeze, No Heart, Beastly, Shreiky, The Evil Sprit, Dark Heart, The Wizard of Wonderland, Dim and Dumb, The Vizer, The Rat King, The Beasties, (Carebears) Sharptooth, Ozzy, Strut, Hyp, Nod, Mutt, Icky, Dil, Rinkus and Sierra, Red Claw, Screech and Thud, (The Land Before Time) The Two Scients, (The Angry Beavers, Carface, Killer, Red, Belladoona, (All Dogs go to Heaven) Exp. 621 Chousey, Dr. Habriviel, Mertle, Yuki, Threesa, Elena, Hamsterviel, 627 Evile, Leroy, (Lilo and Stitch series) Cruella, Horace, Jasper, Mr. Devil, Skinner, Malevoda De-vil, Ivy De-vil, Ph, De-vil, Judge Dimmsdale De-Vil, Lt. Pug, Persian Pete, Scorch, Vendella De-Vil, El Diagbo, Swamp Rat, Cynde, Steven, Alonzo, Le Pelt, Dirty Dawson, (101 Dalmatians) Sirius, (The Starlight Barking) Helga,Bib Bob, Wolfgang,(Hey Arnold) Supervillains, (El Tigre) Rancid Rabbit, The Greasers Dogs, Eddie the Squirrel, Mailman, Nasty Dog, Nosferacho, Toothpickhead, Sgt. Silly Bells, The Geekers, (CatDog) Yosemie Sam, Elmer Fludd, Tazsamin Devil, Wile E Coytoe, Ralph Wolf, Swackhammer, Monstars, Head of Acme, (Looney Tunes) Judge Doom, Toon Patrol, (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) Mad Doctor, Shadow Blot, Blotings, (Epic Mickey series) Ralph the Guard, Snowball, Walter Wolf, Sid the Squid, Beanie the Brain-Dead Bison (Animanics), Bling Bling Boy, Janet, Bumber, Beekepper, Mr. Mittens, Brainfreezer, Wacko, Darth Vegan, Mole King, (Johhny Test) Mechincat, Snooky Wockhums, Isis, Penguin's Birds, Downtown Dogs, Bud and Lou, Delilah, (Krypto the Superdog) Father, TDCFDTL, Chad, Cree, DNK, Grandfather, The Tolinetnator, Fanny, Mr. Boss, Mr. Fib and Mr. Wink, Crazy Old Cat Lady, King Sandy, Mushi, Knightbrace, Lizzie, Mega Mom, Destro Dad, Chester, (Codename Kids Next Door) Mojo, Him, The Gangreene Gang, Princess, Fuzzy, Mitch, The Amobea Boys, The Rowdyruff Boys, Sedusa, Feme Fatale, (The Powerpuff Girls) Mandark, (Dexter Laboraty) Bowser, Wario, walulugi and bowser Jr(Mario), Berry, Terrence, Dutchess, Extremesaurs, (Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends) Nightmare Moon, Discord, Trixie, Diamond Dogs, Teenage Dragons, King Sombra, Queen Chrysalis, Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, Sonata Dusk, (My Little Pony Friendship is Magic & Equestria Girls) Mc Nasty, (Pound Puppies) Robot Brother, (Robot Boy) Vlad Plasmius, Skulker, Ember, Technus, Box Ghost, Valerie Grey, Guys in White, Master Blasters, Walker, Johhny 13, Kitty, Shadow, Etchopuss, Dash, Kwan, Paulina, Star, Lunch Lady Ghost, Sydeny Point Dexter, Dora the Dragon Ghost, Prince Aragon, Youngblood, Penople Spetra, Bertand, Wulf, Cujo, Freakshow, Lydia, Pariah Dark, Dark Danny, Dani Phantom, Klemper, Ammorpho, Desiree, (Danny Phantom) Polutra, King Goobot, Ooblar, Yolkians, Eustace, Grama Taters, Baby Eddie, Prof. Calamitous, Beautful Gorgus, The Junkman, Dr. Moist, Yoo Yee, Twonkies, The Nanobots, Robo Fiend, Butch, Terry, Meldar, (Jimmy Neutron) Dorkus, (Planet Sheen) Cat r Waul(AN American Tail 2), Plankton, Karen, Squilam, Flatts the Flounder, The Strangler, Dennis, Triton, ManRay, Dirty Bubble, Atomic Flounder, Barancle Man, Prawn, The Flying Dutchman, Planktomotr, Prawn, Doodlebob, (Spongebo Squarepants) Grim, Mandy Nergal, Aunt Sis, Nergal Jr, Sperg, Evil Con Carange, Skarr, Mindy, Jack O Lantern, Velma The Spider Queen, Jeff the Spider, Boogey Man, Number 3, The Delighful Reaper, (Billy and Mandy) Vicky, Ricky, Mark Chang, Mr. Crocker, Franics, The Yugopotamians, Veronica, Tad, Chad, Remy, Big Daddy Juan, Anti-Cosmo Anti- Wanda, Foop, Mandie, Anti-fairies, Hp, Sanderson, Pixies, Dark Laser, Flipsie, Chatty, Gary, Unwished Wishes, Nega Chin, H2Olga, Bronze Kneecap, Iron Lung, Sptaula Woman, Giltched Arches, Mange, Doidle, Country Boy, Nega Timmy, Norm, The Shadow, Hugh J Magnate Jr, The Decimator, Shirley The Android, The Darkness, The Elimators, The Dstrunitar, (The Fairly Oddparents) Montana Max, Elyrma, Calamaty Coyote, Dizzy Devil, Rodrick and Rubella, Coyote Kid, The Prefco Prep Students, Nega-Buster, Silas Wonder, (Tiny Toons Adventures) The Chalmeaon, Dr. Rabies, Madame Catastrophe, Katty Katswell, The Capped Cod, Bird Brain, Zippy, Owl, Bat, Duck, Ewe, Snaptrap, Doom, (Tuff Puppy) Traloc (Tak and the Power of Juju) The Fleabot, (Nicktoons Unite) Mawgu (Battle for Volcano Island) The Toybots, (Attack of the Toybots) Globious Maxiumus and his Globs (Globs of Doom) Dib, Gaz, Tak, Allmighty Tallest, Zim, Gir, Team Rocket(Pokemon), Dr Klaus Pirinnci Dr pablo Motos, Madam zelda, Evil Alex(My Enemy) King Deddede, Escargoon, (Kirdy right back at ya) Carnotaurus,(Dinosaur)Rusty Ringtail, Chili Dog, Snarf, Quentin V. Mandrill, Henri, (Danger Rangers) Dr. Robotnik, Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts, Snivley, Sleet, Dingo, Swatbots, Dr. Eggman, Decoe, Bocoe, Metal Sonic, Scourge, Fiona Fox, (Sonic The Hedgehog) Mouse Queen, Mouse King, Mice, (The Nutcracker), Raffish Ralph, Weasel McGreed, Too-Tall, Smirk, Skuzz, (The Bernstein Bears) Rasputin, (Anastasia) Mr. Rude, Little Miss Scary, Little Miss Naughty (The Mr. Man Show) Katz, Le Quack, The Great Fusilli, Mad Dog and his minions, The Puddle Queen, The Clutching Foot, Cajun Fox, Weremole, Mecha Courage, The Precious Wonderful Adorable Lovable Duckling, (Courage The Cowardly Dog), Diesel 10, Splodge (Thomas and the Magic Railroad), Lifty, Shifty and Evil Flippy (Happy Tree Friends)
  • Timon - Kipper and Tiger
  • Pumbaa - Cuddles and Toothy (Happy Tree Friends)
  • Extras with Kipper, Tiger, Cuddles and Toothy: Pig, Arnold, Jake, Mouse, Bleepers, Angelina, Alice, Henry, William, Sammy, Pricilla, Penelope, Giggles, Petunia, Flaky, Nutty, Sniffles, Handy, Mime, Lammy, Pop, Cub, Splendid, Sully, Kitty, Burble, Squeaky, Burt, Gabriella, Fallbot, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks
  • Extras with Balleu: Dukokis, Litter, Marie, Berlioz, Toulouse, Oliver, Jaq and Gus

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