• Adult simba - Danny cats don't dance
  • Adult nala - sawyer cats don't dance
  • Baby kiara as Herself
  • Young kiara - dot animeiacs
  • Adult kiara - blaze sonic the hedgehog
  • Young kova - Toulouse the aristocrats
  • Adult kova - silver sonic the hedgehog
  • Zira - Sabor Tarzan
  • Pumba - pooh pooh
  • Timon - tigger pooh
  • Rafiki king Louie - the jungle book
  • Zazu - lago Aladdin
  • Zira's husband - zake ice age
  • Ed kaa the jungle book
  • Banzil chula the trantula an American tail fival goes west
  • Snezil stretch toy story 3
  • Alligator wolf sworld and the stone
  • Zira sister tiggers Kung Fu panda

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