The Cat in the Hat: The Adventure Begins is a FL parody series featuring characters from Dr. Seuss and audio from Garfield: The Movie.

It's the pilot episode to The Cat in the Hat and Friends


In Seussville, the Cat in the Hat is a cheeky little cat who lives with his owner, King Derwin in a castle known as a middle class American cul-de-sac who live in the Kingdom of Didd, MI a suburb of Detroit. The Cat passes his time by harassing the King and mocking a neighbor dog, Joey. Aside from the King, the Cat maintains an unlikely friendship with Fox in Socks and Mr. Knox. He also interacts with and occasionally manipulates his fellow neighborhood cats, including the dimwitted Norval and the Cat's romantic interest, Pam-I-Am.

Meanwhile, a local television host, Yertle, known for his cat "Persnikitty" is introduced as supposedly a happy turtle, but in reality he is jealous of his brother Uncle Norton a news reporter, and wants to outwit him in success wise by performing on TV show Good Day New York. The King has made a habit of bringing the Cat to the veterinarian, hoping to woo vet Mother. The King tries to ask her out, but due to a misunderstanding, he is given custody of a stray elephant, Horton. Regardless, the King and Mother begin dating. The Cat is displeased at having to share the house with an elephant, of whom the King grows fond. Horton is brought to a canine talent show, where Mother is a judge. the Cat gets involved in a ruckus there with other animals, which moves Horton to the center of the ring, where he begins dancing to "Hey Mama" by The Black Eyed Peas.

His impromptu performance is a hit. Yertle, who also is a judge of the elephant show is impressed with Horton, and offers the King a television deal for Horton, but the King declines leaving Yertle to apparently be envious of Horton. After the Cat causes a mess inside the King's Palace, the King puts him outside, where Horton comes to comfort him. The Cat reacts by running inside and locking Horton out. Horton runs away, and is picked up by an elderly woman named Mrs. Baker. A distraught King works with Mother to search for him, while the neighborhood animals ridicule the Cat for what he did to Horton. Meanwhile, Yertle and his assistant find a "lost dog" found poster Mrs. Baker created, of Odie and recognizing the lucrative possibilities, claim Horton as Yertle's own. When the Cat sees Horton on television and hears Yertle announce he and Horton are going to New York City by train for a big performance on Good Day New York, the Cat, realizing his selfishness, vows to intervene. The Cat leaves his palace on a rescue mission for Horton. At Yertle's studio at Telegraph Tower, the Cat finds Horton captive in a room; Yertle enters and secures a shock collar to Horton, which, when activated, releases an electric discharge that forces him to perform tricks.

Yertle heads for the train station, with the Cat in pursuit. However, an animal control officer snags the Cat as a runaway before he can reach Horton. Meanwhile, the King contacts Mrs. Baker through her poster, and is told Horton's real owner had already retrieved him. The Cat is sprung from the pound by Yertle's abandoned feline star, Persnikitty who turns out to be actually named as Sir Roland. At the train station, while the P.A. saying that the Texas Eagle is going to Dallas and San Antonio, Texas, Yertle boards the train, with Horton in the luggage car. The Cat arrives only to see the train depart. As the train speeds away from the station, and seeing a child with a toy train engine (probably the Flying Scotsman in a different shape and size) makes the Cat remembers that his train set at home is similar, so he sneaks into the control room and attempts to stop Horton's train. The tracks get rearranged, leading to an impending train wreck. The Cat hits an emergency control and causes Yertle's train to return, and the Cat frees Horton and they exit the train. However, Yertle notices them walk out and gives chase. Yertle corners the two, and threatens Horton with the shock collar, but is greeted by the Cat's friends and animals from the pound, led by Sir Roland. The Cat's friends arrive. Fox in Socks said, "No One is going to kill our friend" and Pam said, "That's Right." They swarm and attack Yertle allowing for Horton to escape.

Yertle gets up to find the shock collar has been placed on his own neck, from which he receives two powerful jolts. The King and Mother arrive to reclaim the animals and find Yertle off-balance. The King punches Yerlte for stealing his pets, and leaves with Mother and the two animals. Yertle is arrested for his supposed involvement with the trains, as well as for abducting Mack gives chase to the cops. The Cat regains the trust of his animal friends. Back at home, Mother kisses the King, while the Cat seems to have learned about friendship, love and not to envy others. The Fish, Pam-I-Am, Joey, Fox in Socks and Mr. Knox stay with the King, Mother, Horton and the Cat. Pam-I-Am asks, "What are Friends for?" The Cat says, "We are one big family." He then shoves Horton off his chair repeatedly, and the film closes with the Cat, the King, Horton, Mother, and the Cat's friends singing and dancing to Batucada Familia. He does a split and can't get it back up without help. As the credits roll over the pics from the movie, the Cat is heard in the background asking Horton for ice.


  • The Cat in the Hat as Garfield
  • King Derwin as Jon Arbuckle
  • Horton the Elephant as Odie
  • Yertle the Turtle as Happy Chapman
  • Uncle Norton as Walter J. Chapman
  • Sally and Conrad's Mother as Liz Arbuckle
  • Norval the Fish as Nermal
  • Thing 1 & Thing 2 as extras to Norval
  • Pam-I-Am as Arlene
  • Joey {Sam-I-Am's friend) as Luca
  • Fox in Socks as Louis
  • Mr. Knox as an extra to Fox in Socks
  • Mack as Wendall

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