The Caterena is a YTV Spoof to the VeggieTales song entitled The Hopperena. It is sung by Susie Feeble and Malinda Doe (both from Marilyn), as they teach the viewers how to meow like their pet cats. Jennifer Feeble also stars as Archibald Asparagus.


  • Interested in Ruby and Rockford's feline fun, Susie and Malinda put on cat paws on their hands and feet, cat ears on their heads, and cat tails on their backs and they both perform The Caterena. After the song finishes, Jennifer, Vanessa, Larry, Ian, Rebecca, Harold, Shirley and Jason arrive to find their daughters and sigh with embarrassments.


  1. Susie Feeble (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  2. Malinda Doe (Jocelyne Loewen)
  3. Jennifer Feeble (Minae Noji)
  4. Vanessa Feeble (Eden Sher)
  5. Larry Doe (Danny Cooksey)
  6. Ian Doe (Lainie Fraiser)
  7. Rebecca Feeble (Kelly Sheridan)
  8. Harold Feeble (Greg Cipes)
  9. Shirley Doe (Kari Wahlgren)
  10. Jason Doe (Dale Wilson)
  11. Ruby (Katie Griffin)
  12. Rockford (Eric Bauza)

Transcript and Lyrics

  • (We open this music video with Marilyn narrating it)
  • Marilyn: And now it's time for The Latest Dance Craze with Susie and Malinda, the part of the show where Susie and Malinda come out and teach us the latest dance craze.
  • Susie: 'ello boys and girls! I am Susie.
  • Malinda: And I am Malinda!
  • Susie: Get ready to learn the latest dance craze sweeping the nation.
  • Malinda: So, Susie, where do we start?
  • Susie: After you, Malinda. After you.
  • Malinda: (singing) We're a couple of chipper little girls -
  • Susie: Most of the girls totally agree-e.
  • Malinda: And when we're feeling really really happy -
  • Together: We do the Caterena! (end singing)
  • Susie: You may ask yourself, "What is the Caterena?"
  • Malinda: "And how do I do the Caterena? What am I missing out on? Will people like me if I fail to grasp it? Should I just eat a bon-bon and go back to bed?"
  • Susie: That's totally normal. Calm down, and we will show you! (singing) You don't need much to do the Hopperena!
  • Malinda: It won't take too much time-a to explain-a!
  • Susie: Fuzzy slippers on your feet -
  • Malinda: Bunny ears upon your brain -
  • Together: Now do the Caterena!
  • Susie: Okay! Now that we've got on bunny slippers and ears, what we're going to do is take a hop to the left!
  • (They hop to the left)
  • Malinda: Left!
  • Susie: Beautiful! Now take a hop to the right!
  • (They hop to the right)
  • Malinda: Right!
  • Susie: Tres bien! You've got it! Hop to the left -
  • Malinda: We do the Caterena!
  • Susie: Then hop to the right -
  • Malinda: I love the Caterena!
  • Susie: Back to the left -
  • Malinda: And do it once again-a -
  • Together: Oh, caterena!
  • Susie: That's it!
  • Malinda: Amazing!
  • Susie: You have mastered the dance so quickly!
  • Malinda: Let's keep going!
  • Susie: Hop to the left -
  • (Jennifer looks through the door confusedly)
  • Malinda: (offscreen) We do the Caterena!
  • Susie: Then hop to the right -
  • Jennifer: Hold it!
  • Susie: Hop!
  • Malinda: Hop!
  • Jennifer: Stop the music! What are you doing?!
  • (The girls continue to bounce up and down, saying "hop" quietly)
  • Jennifer: Hop to the left, hop to the right, hop to the left, hop to the right again - This isn't a dance, it's hopscotch!
  • Susie: That's Caterena!
  • (Malinda nods proudly)
  • Jennifer: The dance has to be more involved! You need more steps, more room for interpretation!
  • (The girls look at Jennifer blankly)
  • Malinda: We have... cat ears!
  • Susie: You think it's so easy? Let's see you do it!
  • Jennifer: Alright, then!
  • (Music resumes playing and Archibald hops to the left and to the right. Susie takes off his cat ears.)
  • Susie: No, no, no, no, no! You need the ears and feet.
  • (Malinda puts her slippers on Jennifer as Susie puts her ears on Jennifer's head)
  • (Music resumes)
  • Susie: (singing) Jennifer is a serious girl!
  • Malinda: I believe you'd probably agree with us!
  • Susie: The best way to not be a sourpuss -
  • Together: Do the Caterena!
  • Susie: Hop to the left!
  • Malinda: She does the Caterena!
  • Susie: She hops to the right!
  • Malinda: Try not-a to complain-a!
  • Susie: Back to the left -
  • Malinda: And do it once again-a!
  • Together: Hey, caterena!
  • Jennifer: This is actually quite fun! Let's see... I hop to the left -
  • Susie: Catty caterena!
  • Jennifer: Then -
  • Malinda: Hop to the right!
  • Jennifer: I love the Caterena!
  • Susie: Back to the left!
  • Jennifer: I'll do it once again-a! Hey Caterena! (laughs) Oh, ha ha, haha! This is quite fun! Ha, ha, ha, haha! La, ha, ha, haha!
  • Susie: Ahm, can I have my ears back?
  • Jennifer: Ha, ha, ha, haha!
  • (Jennifer climbs onto exercise ball, continuing to hum while the music plays. The girls look on.)
  • Malinda: Okay, that's enough, thank you!
  • Jennifer: (continues to laugh while the other exercise ball is knocked down and he bounces into the waltzing diagram) This is very pleasant!
  • Marilyn: (Jennifer's laughter and bouncing continues in the background) This has been The Latest Dance Craze with Susie and Malinda. Tune in next time to hear Susie say -
  • Susie: I am embarassed for you!
  • (The Caterena ends)

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