The Change is the second episode from Roc's Life (Season 2). In this episode Mariah is turned into a different person. 


Patty puts a spell on Mariah. Roc is at the store, Mariah is at the store too. Roc realizes Mariiah finally has the ability to speak.  Roc is at Chuckie Cheese's. Mariah arrives now the color of light green. She says hi to Roc. Mariah reffers to herself as herself. But she  is a different color green. Roc tries to change her back. Mariah growls like a lion. Patty sees Mariah. Roc changes Mariah to the color of peach.  Patty's face changes into green. Roc says all he wanted was for Mariah to be another person. So Patty changes Mariah  back to her green form. At this point Mariah is now Argentina.

By: Roc.


Jerry as Roc.

Wanda as Rayah.

Mariah as herself/green Mariah.

By: Roc.

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